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Rust Programming Fundamentals - one course to rule them all, one course to find them...

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Ultimate Rust Crash Course

This is the companion repository for the Ultimate Rust Crash Course published online, presented live at O'Reilly virtual events, or in person. You will get the most out of this training experience by trying to accomplish the exercises in this repository and watching (or attending) the instructor-led training.

This repository is for you hands-on-learners who are ready to roll.

I use macOS, and that is what I developed this course on. Everything ought to work similarly on major Linux distributions and Windows. Please contact me ASAP if you have trouble with anything on this page.

Install Rust

Rust is required for this course! The latest stable version is always recommended.

  • Go to and click on the
    Get Started
    button and follow the instructions to install Rust for your operating system.
    • Please DO NOT install rust via some other package manager. It will probably be a version that is really old.

You should get somewhat similar output if you run commands like the ones below (newer versions are okay). If you already have an old version of Rust installed, then run

rustup update
to install a newer version.
$ rustc --version
rustc 1.49.0 (e1884a8e3 2020-12-29)
$ cargo --version
cargo 1.49.0 (d00d64df9 2020-12-05)
  • Clone or download this repository to your computer.

Prepare Your Development Environment

Please do the following (see the How To Learn Rust page for details on all of these) - [ ] Choose an IDE (or Editor) and configure it with Rust support and customize it to your liking - [ ] Choose one place to "find answers" and either introduce yourself (if it's a forum, IRC, etc.) or find the answer to one question you have. - [ ] Try doing something in Rust! If you don't have a better idea, then just do this: -

cargo new message
cd message
cargo run
- Edit
and change the message. -
cargo run
again to see your new message. - [ ] Check out the descriptions of the tools and books.


Now you are ready for the training! Go watch the Ultimate Rust Crash Course and come back here for the exercises.



Please clone this repository! These exercises are designed as Rust projects for you to edit on your own computer, with the exception of Exercise A (which is just a

The exercises are separate Rust projects inside the

subdirectory. For each exercise, you should: - Open the corresponding
directory in your IDE/Editor - Seriously, just open the individual exercise directory in your IDE. If you open the entire repository, your IDE will probably complain that it sees multiple Rust projects. - Navigate to the same directory with your Terminal application (so you can run
cargo run
, etc.) - Open up the
file. - Follow the numbered exercise instructions in the code comments.

If you encounter any problems with the exercises, please feel free to use the online course communication tools to contact me, or open an discussion. Either way. 😄

For your convenience, here is a list of all the exercises, with links to view the code on GitHub.


  • Invaders - A terminal-based Space Invaders arcade game clone.

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