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awesome flutter(android, ios) UI design examples :zap: - login, books, profile, food order, walkthrough, widgets

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Flutter UI/UX Examples 🍟

Repo Flutter

Looking for an awesome UI kit for Flutter? Here is a curated list of a few awesome Flutter UI design templates to integrate in your Flutter app and save your time on designing widgets. You can check more UI design templates here.

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Index 📝

  1. Login Page
  2. Books App
  3. Profile Page
  4. Food order app
  5. Walkthrough Screen

1. Login Page UI 🍦



Packages in use: 1. flutter_svg 2. flutter_screenutil


1. Poppins

2. Books app UI 🍨



Packages in use: 1. flutter_svg 2. flutterstaggeredgrid_view


1. Poppins

3. Profile Page UI 🍧



Packages in use:

  1. flutter_svg
  2. flutter_screenutil
  3. lineawesomeflutter


  1. Poppins (Custom Fonts) ---

4. Food Order app 🎂



Packages in use:

  1. flutter_svg

2. lineawesomeflutter

5. Walkthrough Screen 🎂

This is a little special... Guess what?\ I implemented this in Kotlin! 😱\ This is the walk-through screen, that you can adapt according to your use, by changing images and number of screens. The top slider will scroll on any amount of screens you add!




  1. Animations: cubic briezer
  2. Primary color: #6C63FF
  3. Images:


  1. Poppins

Widgets :rocket:

List of well-designed widgets that you will actually need and find useful rather than overwhelming you with a plethora of low-quality ones.

Index 📝

  1. Rounded input field
  2. Flushbar alert service

1. Rounded Input field 🍦


Use ```dart RoundedInputField( textEditingController: controllerName, hintText: "Your Email", icon:, cursorColor:, editTextBackgroundColor: Colors.grey[200], iconColor:, onChanged: (value) { name = value; }, )


2. Flushbar alert service

To use this widget you have to include one denpendency called flushbar in your

, if you want error alert you have to give
in type feild same applies to warning \ GIF \


    text: "Add to Cart",
    onPressed: () {
         context: context,
         message: 'product has been added to cart',
         type: AlertType.success,

Designs 🌸

These are the list of designs made by adobe xd and figma etc

Index 📝

  1. Camera UI
  2. Notes UI
  3. Doremon

Camera UI 📷

Camera UI

Notes UI 📝

Doremon 🐱

Any doremon fans here? For relaxation I design some of cartoons

Thanks for coming here from doremon :xD

Author(s) ✍️

  1. Ajay Prabhakar @chromicle

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Please read before writing a pull request. Any and all help we can get is welcome :)

License :memo:

This repository is licensed under MIT License. Find LICENSE to know more.


These examples are open to all kinds of contribution in all of its categories. dude, they are completely free😜 \ If you found this project useful, then please consider giving it a :star: on Github and sharing it with your friends via social media⚡. \ Happy Coding 💻.

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