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JetBrains theme of Material Theme

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Material Theme UI for Jetbrains

This is a port of the famous Material Theme for Jetbrains IDEs, allowing a total customization of the IDE including Themes, Color Schemes, Icons and many other features.

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The Material Theme plugin is sponsored by CodeStream and Codota.

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Pull requests are appreciated! I can use some help on bugs and features listed in, or you can send me some new ideas!


Twitter: @crmag @mallowigi

Official page: @MJetbrains

Github: @ChrisRM @Mallowigi


Thanks to @equinusocio and his original Material Theme for the inspiration.


You can contact us or ask questions via Gitter or our brand new Slack community!

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Other portings

The Material Theme has been ported to many other editors, applications, websites and other platforms: - Visual Studio Code (by @equinusocio - Sublime Text (also by @equinusocio - Hyper (also by @equinusocio. - Atom (by @silvestreh) - Vim (by @kristijanhusak). - Terminal OSX (by @mvaneijgen). - iTerm2 (by @Revod) and iTerm2 Palenight (by @jonathanspeek). - ConEmu (by @rajadain). - Slack Sidebar (

) - Nylas N1 (thanks to @jackiehluo) - Base16 (by @ntpeters) - Notepad++ (by @Codextor) - Chrome Devtools - Bear (by Doug C. Hardester) - Slack Themes - Porting of the Material Theme to Slack - Gmail (by @Charlie Etienne) - Google Calendar (by @Charlie Etienne) - Google Keep (by @Charlie Etienne) - Trello (by @Charlie Etienne) - GitHub (by @Charlie Etienne) - Google (by @Charlie Etienne)

Icon Reference

Thanks also for @yonnyz for the theme icons!

Also many thanks to other plugin developers for helping me solving A LOT of issues: * Nyan Progress Bar * Afterglow Theme * Git Toolbox * Browse Word At Caret * GitIgnore * Project Label

Thanks to all original plugin contributors, EAP contributors and a special thanks to the guys at JetBrains for contributing and showing interest in the project!

Other Projects

Check out my other projects: - Image Icon Plugin - A previewer for small images and svgs directly in the Project View - Atom Material Icons - A mix of the Atom File Icons and the Material Icons, or if you prefer, the Icons component of this plugin :) - Custom Syntax Highlighter - Proof of concept for defining custom keywords highlighting. - Material Theme UI for Chrome - Porting of the Material Theme for Chrome - Slack Themes - Porting of the Material Theme to Slack


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 [Become a backer]

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