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Tensorflow implementations of various Deep Semantic Matching Models (DSMM).

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Ongoing project for implementing various Deep Semantic Matching Models (DSMM). DSMM is widely used for:

  • duplicate detection
  • sentence similarity
  • question answering
  • search relevance
  • ...



This project is developed with regard to the data format provided in the 第三届魔镜杯大赛.

You can see

for the data format description and prepared data accordingly. Your data should be placed in the
directory. Current
directory also holds a toy data.

If you want to run a quick demo, you can download data from the above competition link. Download is allowed after registration.


python src/

Supported Models

Representation based methods

  • DSSM style models
    • DSSM: use FastText as encoder
    • CDSSM: use TextCNN as encoder
    • RDSSM: use TextRNN/TextBiRNN as encoder

Interaction based methods

  • MatchPyramid style models
    • MatchPyramid: use identity/cosine similarity/dot product as match matrix
    • General MatchPyramid: use match matrices based on various embeddings and various match scores
      • word embeddings
        • original word embedding
        • compressed word embedding
        • contextual word embedding (use an encoder to encode contextual information)
      • match score
        • identity
        • cosine similarity/dot product
        • element product
        • element concat
  • BCNN style models
    • BCNN
    • ABCNN1
    • ABCNN2
    • ABCNN3
  • ESIM
  • DecAtt (Decomposable Attention)

Building Blocks

Encoder layers

  • FastText
  • TimeDistributed Dense Projection
  • TextCNN (Gated CNN and also Residual Gated CNN)
  • TextRNN/TextBiRNN with GRU and LSTM cell

Attention layers

  • mean/max/min pooling
  • scalar-based and vector-based attention
  • self and context attention
  • multi-head attention


This project gets inspirations from the following projects: - MatchZoo - MatchPyramid-TensorFlow - ABCNN

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