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obs-studio plugin for source item animation

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Motion-effect is an obs-studio plugin for source item animation by updating transform settings.


motion-filter (animate one source in the scene)

  • Source animation (linear or bezier curve) and scaling.
  • One way (just forward) or Round trip (forward and backward) movement.
  • Trigger by hotkey or scene switch. ### motion-transition (animate all sources between scene switch)
  • Source in both scene : linear transform animation
  • Source only in previous scene : zoom out
  • Source only in next scene : zoom in


See Release Page





  • Add a motion filter to a scene (this filter won't work if applied directly to a source). If you want two-way movement, make sure you choose the Motion-filter (Round trip) variant of the filter.
  • On the filter property page, choose the source you wish to animate and provide the control points for the animation.
  • Use the Forward (and Backward) toggle button to check the results.
  • Go to hotkeys page in OBS settings and set hotkey(s) for the motion(s) within the scene.
  • That's everything! ### motion-transition
  • Add to your transition list then switch scene, just this one.



First follow build procedures for obs-studio.

  • Building obs-studio will produce an

    file, generated inside the build directories - e.g.
  • Assuming you have cmake, prior to first configure, add the following entries:

| Entry name | Type | Value (e.g.) | |--------------------|----------|------------------------------------------------------| | LIBOBSLIB | FILEPATH | /obs-studio/path/to/obs.lib | | LIBOBSINCLUDEDIR | PATH | /obs-studio/libobs | | OBSFRONTEND_LIB | FILEPATH | /obs-studio/UI/obs-frontend-api/obs-frontend-api.lib |

  • Click 'Configure', which will run
  • Click 'Generate'

This should produce the desired development environment, which after building, shall produce the plugin dll file.

Linux (Test on Ubuntu)

You have to download obs-studio source code first and make sure you have installed cmake.

git clone
cd motion-filter
mkdir build && cd build
make -j4
sudo make install

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