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A lua high-performance web network development framework.

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Lua 轻量级网络开发框架(A lua Lightweight Network Development Framework)

优势 (Advantage)

  • 生态多 —— 集成社区库最多的框架之一, 并自行实现了一些网络协议生态.

  • Multi-ecology —— Integrate most community third-party libraries and implement many protocols on their own.

  • 稳定性好 —— 许多领域的企业已经开始使用,并且用户数量也在逐渐增加.

  • Good stability —— Enterprises in many fields have begun to use, and users are gradually increasing.

  • 高效率 —— 高效的静态语言与高效的虚拟机实现优秀的运行时框架.

  • High efficiency - Efficient static language and efficient virtual machine to achieve excellent runtime framework.

  • 高可维护性 —— 通俗易懂的框架编写方式可以让开发者快速适应并且上手.

  • High readability —— The easy-to-understand framework writing method allows developers to quickly adapt and get started.

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