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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases, provided by JHU CSSE

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COVID-19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University

This is the data repository for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Visual Dashboard operated by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE). Also, Supported by ESRI Living Atlas Team and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (JHU APL).

Visual Dashboard (desktop):

Visual Dashboard (mobile):

Please cite our Lancet Article for any use of this data in a publication: An interactive web-based dashboard to track COVID-19 in real time

Provided by Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE):

DONATE to the CSSE dashboard team:

DATA SOURCES: This list includes a complete list of all sources ever used in the data set, since January 21, 2010. Some sources listed here (e.g. ECDC, US CDC, BNO News) are not currently relied upon as a source of data.

  • Aggregated data sources:

    • World Health Organization (WHO):
    • European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC):
    • Pneumonia. 2020.
    • US CDC:
    • BNO News:
    • WorldoMeters:
    • 1Point3Arces:
    • COVID Tracking Project: (US Testing and Hospitalization Data. We use the maximum reported value from "Currently" and "Cumulative" Hospitalized for our hospitalization number reported for each state.)
    • Los Angeles Times:
    • The Mercury News:
  • US data sources at the state (Admin1) or county/city (Admin2) level:

  • Non-US data sources at the country/region (Admin0) or state/province (Admin1) level:

    • Albania:
    • National Agency for Information Society:
    • Australia:
    • Government Department of Health:
    • COVID Live:
    • Azerbaijan:
    • Azerbaijan Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers:
    • Belgium:
    • Sciensano:
    • Brazil:
    • Ministry of Health:
    • Federal University of Viçosa - Brazil: (Data described in DOI: 10.1590/SciELOPreprints.362)
    • Burma (Myanmar):
    • Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports:
    • Canada:
    • Government of Alberta:
    • Government of British Columbia Centre for Disease Control:
    • Government of Canada:
    • Government of Manitoba:
    • Government of New Brunswick:
    • Government of Newfoundland and Labrador:
    • Government of Northwest Territories:
    • Government of Nova Scotia:
    • Government of Ontario:
      • City of Toronto:
      • Eastern Ontario Health Unit:
      • Grey Bruce Health Unit:
      • Halton Region:
      • Ottawa Public Health:
      • Region of Peel:
      • Windsor-Essex County Health Unit:
      • York Region:!ut/p/z1/tZPNcpswFIWfJQuWWBcJjOhOpa6BxNhN4j82HowxKAXkYMXUb1-R0pm20zjtJLAASZx7dPRxQRFaoaiKTzyLJRdVXKj5OhpufDb2Pe8agqlJXWAwZQG2KYwcAy2fBfDCxQBF1JQRBdtl-gCEWHhOQ2qIWdYhj6U6Md7qJnVSnceLoO8PZOhhi9XbfqpNKHmSO1ud6k4hKppXU4Czqr2pylFw-PSkokzVPY0LmWuQiBPf6YbTjQyHV21FnWYKEwpeO6SiiOuJO8lU1FjmOq2Aq1-mnajP0xVDX94fIyYCtymCbR6t0SL1sOv2Ye31ETEVgs4UxBdMnnQBjc-gZLgTgTSn4n-2Z9Yl6BlzjTnDh0ygsWSG2P7qIVVtC1fnrdJWaT14qtVyLuXh-EEDDZqmGWRCZEU6SESpwd9KcnFUDH5XorXqHtF9rcYLU88bdC8EnWpktz9Z7t40O1gU5d5bAwzuJb8GVkm3R4M5nd3Bpv3OGVARsT3q1t6Ffe9yvfvACXxwDdb-Y2REgGHfpR9JQMOwXZhv-zDftmHfb94q1wDuV8XlJiFQ9nAnxWLqmkzf0-z8rNZESsyw92dfUd1P5kcA!!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/#.X8UQBqpKi3U
    • Government of Prince Edward Island:
    • Government of Quebec:
    • Government of Saskatchewan:
    • Government of Yukon:
    • Nunavut Department of Health:
    • Chile:
    • Ministry of Health:
    • Ministry of Communications:
    • China:
    • National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NHC):
    • China CDC (CCDC):
    • Colombia:
    • National Institute of Health:
    • Czech Republic (Czechia):
    • National Health Information System, Regional Hygiene Stations, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic:
    • Denmark:
    • Statens Serum Institute:
    • El Salvador:
    • Government of El Salvador:
    • Finland:
    • THL/National Infectious Disease Register:
    • France:
    • French Ministry of Solidarity and Health and Public Health Dashboard:
    • French Ministry of Solidarity and Health and Public Health Data:
    • OpenCOVID19:
    • Germany:
    • Berliner Morgenpost:
    • Greece:
    • National Public Health Organization:
    • Guatemala:
    • Minesterio de Salud Publica Y Asistencia Social:
    • Honduras:
    • Despacho de Comunicaciones y Estrategia Presidencial:
    • Hong Kong:
    • The Government of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region:
    • Hungary:
    • Government of Hungary:
    • Iceland:
    • Directorate of Health and Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management:
    • India:
    • Government of India:
    • Indonesia:
    • National Board for Disaster Management:
    • Ireland:
    • Government of Ireland:
    • Israel:
    • Ministry of Health Website:
    • Ministry of Health Dashboard:
    • Italy:
    • Civil Protection Department:
    • Ministry of Health:
    • Jamaica:
    • Ministry of Health & Wellness:
    • Japan:
    • COVID19Japan:
    • NHK:
    • Jordan:
    • Ministry of Health:
    • Kazakhstan:
    • Kazinform:
    • Kosovo:
    • National Institute of Health of Kosovo Dashboard:
    • National Institute of Health of Kosovo JSON:
    • National Institute of Health of Kosovo Data Studio Dashboard:
    • Lebanon
    • Lebanese Ministry Of Information:
    • Lithuania:
    • Government of Lithuania:
    • Luxembourg:
    • Government of Luxembourg:
    • Macau:
    • Health Services of the Government of the Macau Special Administrative Region:
    • Malaysia
    • Ministry of Health:
    • Official data on the COVID-19 epidemic in Malaysia. Powered by CPRC, CPRC Hospital System, MKAK, and MySejahtera:
    • Mexico:
    • Government of Mexico:
    • Monaco:
    • Gouvernement Princier Principaute de Monaco:
    • Netherlands:
    • National Institute for Health and Environment:
    • New Zealand:
    • Ministry of Health:
    • Palau:
    • Ministry of Health & Human Services:
    • Paraguay:
    • Ministerio de Salud Publica Y Bienestar Social:
    • Pakistan:
    • Government of Pakistan:
    • Peru:
    • Ministry of Health Dashboard:
    • Ministry of Health Press Releases:[]=6-salud&contenido[]=noticias&institucion[]=minsa&sheet=1&sortby=recent&tiponoticia[]=3-comunicado
    • Philippines:
    • Republic of Philippines Department of Health:
    • Poland:
    • Service of the Republic of Poland:
    • Portugal:
    • General Directorate of Health:
    • Romania:
    • Government of Romania:
    • Russia:
    • Government of The Russian Federation: https://xn--80aesfpebagmfblc0a.xn--p1ai/information/
    • Saudi Arabia:
    • Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health:
    • Serbia:
    • Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia:
    • Singapore:
    • Singapore Ministry of Health:
    • Slovakia:
    • Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Information:
    • Slovenia:
    • Sledilnik:
    • South Africa:
    • South Africa Department of Health:
    • South Korea:
    • Ministry of Health and Welfare:
    • Spain:
    • RTVE:
    • Sweden:
    • The Swedish Public Health Agency:
    • Switzerland:
    • Federal Office Of Public Health:
    • Open Government Data Reported By The Swiss Cantons:
    • Taiwan:
    • CDC:
    • Thailand:
    • Ministry of Public Health, Department of Disease Control Dashboard:
    • Ministry of Public Health, Department of Disease Control Situational Reports:
    • Turkey:
    • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health (English):
    • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health (Turkey):
    • Digital Transformation Office of The Presidency of The Republic of Turkey:
    • Ukraine:
    • Office of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine:
    • United Arab Emirates:
    • The Supreme Council For National Security, National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority:
    • United Kingdom
    • Government of the United Kingdom:
    • Scottish Government:

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Acknowledgements: We are grateful to the following organizations for supporting our Center’s COVID-19 mapping and modeling efforts: Financial Support: Johns Hopkins University, National Science Foundation (NSF), Bloomberg Philanthropies, Stavros Niarchos Foundation; Resource support: AWS, Slack, Github; Technical support: Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (APL), Esri Living Atlas team

Additional Information about the Visual Dashboard:

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Terms of Use:

  1. This data set is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) by the Johns Hopkins University on behalf of its Center for Systems Science in Engineering. Copyright Johns Hopkins University 2020.

  2. Attribute the data as the "COVID-19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University" or "JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data" for short, and the url:

  3. For publications that use the data, please cite the following publication: "Dong E, Du H, Gardner L. An interactive web-based dashboard to track COVID-19 in real time. Lancet Inf Dis. 20(5):533-534. doi: 10.1016/S1473-3099(20)30120-1"

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