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:package: Quickly try out NPM packages inside a container

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:package: try

Quickly try out npm packages inside a container.

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As a developer working with NodeJS you often stumble upon packages you quickly want to try out. Installing these packages on your host system gets it polluted real quick.

tries to keep your host system clean while testing out npm packages. This CLI tool quickly starts up a Docker container and installs your specified packages, so you can try them out!


You can print the usage by executing

try --help
Usage: try [options]

Quickly try out npm packages inside a container

Options: -V, --version output the version number -v, --verbose Verbosity value -i, --image [image] The docker image which it should pull from (default: "node") --image-version [version] Specify the node image version (default: "latest") --no-cleanup If set to true, the created container will not get cleaned up --silent If the program should not print any log statements --ts If it the program should use TypeScript -h, --help output usage information



npm package

To install

npm install -g try-pkg

From source

To install it from source you need to clone this repository, install the dependencies using

and execute the program.
git clone
cd try
npm install
npm start


Inspired by timofurrer/try - Thanks buddy :)

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