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A plugin for Godot to create card based games

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CardEngine for Godot Engine

Currently under development, do not expect it to work.

Everything is work in progress.


  • Card: card data with id, name, categories, values and texts
  • Database: persistent card data storage
  • Container: UI element to display cards in a given layout using a card visual
  • Store: in memory card data storage (deck, pile, hand)
  • Animation: a sequence of values linked together by transition, defined by a duration and an easing curve
  • Effect: modifiers on cards data that can be applied and cancelled at anytime

What is implemented

  • Creating, modifying and deleting databases
  • Creating, modifying and deleting cards
  • Creating, modifying and deleting containers
  • Containers layouting as a grid or along a path
  • Fine tuning containers layout with linear/symmetric interpolation or random position, scale and rotation
  • Container transition animation (layouting, card added, card removed)
  • Container event animation (idle, un/focused, de/activated)
  • Animation editor
  • Drag and drop support
  • Card effects
  • Filters on DropArea
  • Saving store interface
  • Container to container drag and drop
  • Container to card drag and drop
  • Board widget

What is not implemented

  • Manual sorting
  • Drop placeholder
  • Add animation loop when card is focused or active
  • More modifiers to come
  • Other features to be defined...

Important folders

  • _private: contains the generated code and data file, none of this file should be edited manually
  • addons/cardengine: contains the code for the in editor plugin and for the core elements
  • containers: contains the public code for your custom containers
  • cards: contains the public code for your custom cards
  • effects: contains the code for the effects


Getting started

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