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python sony camera api


using pip:

pip install pysony

using repo:

git clone
python install

Running tests

You will likely want to set up a virtualenv first and complete the following steps inside it.

Install requirements:

pip install -r test-requirements.txt

Run tests:

python -m unittest discover

script does both of these automatically)

By default, the test suite verifies behavior locally using dummy services.

If you want to run tests live against your real camera, connect to the camera's wireless access point and set the

environment variable. For example:
TEST_LIVE_CAMERA=1 python -m unittest discover

CAUTION: Use with your camera at your own risk. This is free software that offers no warranty. For details, see LICENSE.


simple example:

>>> api = pysony.SonyAPI()
>>> api.getAvailableApiList()


there api list that you can use.


  • develop : please request merge here.
  • master : pip live


liveview - can see the photo via liveview

timer - take a picture every n seconds

dumpcameracapabilities - show every supported api list

pyLiveView - Released under the GPL v2 (or later) by Simon Wood ([email protected]) - Sample application to connect to camera, and start a video recording - with or without a GUI LiveView screen

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