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BitGo JavaScript SDK

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BitGo Javascript SDK

The BitGo Platform and SDK makes it easy to build multi-signature crypto-currency applications today with support for Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other coins. The SDK is fully integrated with the BitGo co-signing service for managing all of your BitGo wallets.

Included in the SDK are examples for how to use the API to manage your multi-signature wallets.

Please email us at [email protected] if you have questions or comments about this API.

Module Overview

The BitGo SDK repository is a monorepo composed of separate modules, each of which implement some subset of the features of the SDK.

| Package Name | Module | Description | | | --- | --- | --- | --- | | bitgo |

| Authentication, wallet management, user authentication, cryptographic primitives, abstract coin interfaces, coin implementations | Link | | @bitgo/express |
| Local BitGo transaction signing server and proxy | Link | | @bitgo/statics |
| Static configuration values used across the BitGo platform | Link |

Release Notes

Each module provides release notes in


The release notes for the

module are here.

NodeJS Version Support Policy

Due to constraints from library dependencies, we currenty only support node versions

>=10.22.0 <12.0.0

Note: We intend to support the current

(node 12), in the future.


package manager should allow you to install this package with any version of Node, with, at most, a warning if your version of Node does not fall within the range specified by our node engines property.

When using

, use
yarn install --ignore-engines
when adding the dependency.

If you encounter issues installing this package using any other package manager, please report the issue to your package manager.

Notes for Developers


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