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The Vue 2.x Component for Awesome-qr.js

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The Vue 2.x Component for SumiMakito's Awesome-qr.js

The only one qr code component for Vue.js you need !


Not support IE 不支持IE浏览器

Examples, 样例

Try to scan these QR codes below with your smart phone.

Example 1

Example 2 Example 3 Example 4



npm run dev
yarn dev


npm run dev
yarn dev


install with NPM

npm install vue-qr --save
Import ```js import VueQr from 'vue-qr'

new Vue({ components: {VueQr} }) ```


In template

export default {
            console.log(url, id)

Parameter | Explanation ----|---- text | Contents to encode. 欲编码的内容 correctLevel| Correct Level 0-3 容错级别 0-3 size | Width as well as the height of the output QR code, includes margin. 尺寸, 长宽一致, 包含外边距 margin | Margin to add around the QR code, default 20px. 二维码图像的外边距, 默认 20px colorDark | Color of "true" blocks. Works only when both colorDark and colorLight are set. (BYTEDTA, BYTEPOS, BYTEAGN, BYTETMG) 实点的颜色 colorLight | Color of empty space, or "false" blocks. Works only when both colorDark and colorLight are set. (BYTE_EPT) 空白区的颜色 bgSrc | Background url to embed in the QR code. 欲嵌入的背景图地址 gifBgSrc | Gif background url to embed in the QR code, If gifBackground is set, backgroundImage will be ignored. This option will affects performance. 欲嵌入的背景图 gif 地址,设置后普通的背景图将失效。设置此选项会影响性能 backgroundColor | Background color 背景色 backgroundDimming | Color mask to add above the background image. Helpful when having problems with decoding. 叠加在背景图上的颜色, 在解码有难度的时有一定帮助 logoSrc | Logo url to embed at the center of generated QR code 嵌入至二维码中心的 LOGO 地址 logoScale | Value used to scale the logo image. Larger value may result in decode failure. Size of the logo equals to

. Default is 0.2. 用于计算 LOGO 大小的值, 过大将导致解码失败, LOGO 尺寸计算公式
, 默认 0.2 logoMargin | White margin that appears around the logo image. Default is 0. LOGO 标识周围的空白边框, 默认为0 logoBackgroundColor | Logo background color, need set logo margin. Logo 背景色,需要设置 logo margin logoCornerRadius | Radius of the logo's corners.Default is 0 LOGO 标识及其边框的圆角半径, 默认为0 whiteMargin | If set to true, a white border will appear around the background image. Default is true. 若设为 true, 背景图外将绘制白色边框 dotScale | Value used to scale down the data dots' size. (0 < scale < 1.0) default 0.35 数据区域点缩小比例,默认为0.35 autoColor | If set to true, the dominant color of backgroundImage will be used as colorDark. Default is true. 若为 true, 背景图的主要颜色将作为实点的颜色, 即 colorDark,默认 true binarize | If set to true, the whole image will be binarized with the given threshold, or default threshold if not specified. Default is false. 若为 true, 图像将被二值化处理, 未指定阈值则使用默认值 binarizeThreshold | Threshold used to binarize the whole image. Default is 128. (0 < threshold < 255) 二值化处理的阈值 callback | Data URI of the generated QR code will be available here. 生成的二维码 Data URI 可以在回调中取得,第一个参数为二维码 data URL, 第二个参数为 props 传过来的 qid(因为二维码生成是异步的,所以加个 id 用于排序) bindElement | If set to true, the generated QR will bind to a HTML element automatically. Default is TRUE. 指定是否需要自动将生成的二维码绑定到HTML上, 默认是TRUE

For more details you should definitely check out Awesome-qr.js

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