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A PHP implementation of bower :bird:

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An implementation of bower in PHP.

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$ composer require beelab/bowerphp


Currently, you can configure your bower directory in

file, just like the original Bower.

If you need many dependencies, you'll likely hit the Github API limit (currently 60 requests per hour). To increase your limit to 5000 requests per hour, you can use a token. See Github help. Once you created your token, just store it in the

environment variable.


This project is in stable version (no beta suffix), but still in

major version (BC not assured).

See currently open issues.


All contribution are welcome, just take a look at our issues tracker if you want to start somewhere.

If you make a PR make sure that it follow the PSR2 standard. To make sure that your code comply with the standard, you can use a git hook with php-cs-fixer. There is one here that you only need to copy to your .git/hooks folder under the name of pre-commit and you are set.

Building the phar

You can build the phar by simply running:

$ php bin/compile

Or you can use the box command line utility. If you add the following content in a

file, you only just need to run
box build
command to get a phar. Don't forget to give execution permission to your phar, using
chmod +x bowerphp.phar
    "directories": ["src"],
    "files": ["LICENSE"],
    "finder": [
            "name": "*.php",
            "exclude": ["Tests", "phpunit", "mockery"],
            "in": "vendor"
    "main": "bin/bowerphp",
    "output": "bowerphp.phar",
    "stub": true

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