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Starkiller is a Frontend for PowerShell Empire.

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Starkiller is a Frontend for Powershell Empire. It is an Electron application written in VueJS. If you'd like to contribute please follow the Contribution guide. If you'd like to request a feature or report a bug, please follow the Issue template.

Getting Started

  • To run Starkiller, you can download the installers for Mac, Linux, and Windows on the Releases page.
  • If you want to build from source or run in development mode, instructions are below.


Prerequisites: * Node.js 10+. * Yarn Currently it has been tested using Yarn 1.22.0.

yarn install

Compile and hot-reload for development

yarn electron:serve

Compile and minify for production

yarn electron:build

Or to target a specific OS.

yarn electron:build:lin yarn electron:build:win yarn electron:build:mac

Compatability Table

Starkiller’s new features occasionally depend on new functionality within Empire. Therefore, it is recommended that you follow this release table for syncing up your Starkiller and Empire versions. If you are using an older version of Empire, Starkiller will warn you when logging in, but will allow you to continue. If a there is a new minimum version of Empire required to get all the features out of Starkiller, we will do a minor version bump to Starkiller. | Starkiller Release | Minimum Empire Version | Notes | | ------------------ | ---------------------- | ------ | | 1.0.x | 3.1.1 | 3.1.1 is the first version of Empire to include all the user endpoints necessary for Starkiller to function | | 1.1.x | 3.1.5 | 3.1.5 updated the reporting endpoint to have the same result as running it in the CLI. Starkiller 1.1.x uses that reporting endpoint for the reporting tab | | 1.2.x | 3.2.0 | 3.2.0 added an endpoint for users that is needed for the UI updates introduced in Starkiller 1.2.0 | 1.3.x | 3.3.0 | 3.3.0 categorized all of the modules in Empire with corresponding MITRE techniques


Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.

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