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Azure Container Hackfest

Delivering modern cloud native applications with ​open source technologies on Azure​

NOTE: We have moved this content over to a new and updated repository


This workshop will guide you through migrating an application from "on-premise" to containers running in Azure Kubernetes Service.

The labs are based upon a node.js application that allows for voting on the Justice League Superheroes (with more options coming soon). Data is stored in MongoDB.

Note: These labs are designed to run on a Linux CentOS VM running in Azure (jumpbox) along with Azure Cloud Shell. They can potentially be run locally on a Mac or Windows, but the instructions are not written towards that experience. ie - "You're on your own."

Note: Since we are working on a jumpbox, note that Copy and Paste are a bit different when working in the terminal. You can use Shift+Ctrl+C for Copy and Shift+Ctrl+V for Paste when working in the terminal. Outside of the terminal Copy and Paste behaves as expected using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

Lab Guides - Day 1

  1. Setup Lab environment
  2. Run app locally to test components
  3. Create Docker images for apps and push to Azure Container Registry(ACR Build)
  4. Create Docker images for apps and push to Azure Container Registry
  5. Create an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster
  6. Deploy application to Azure Kubernetes Service
  7. Kubernetes UI Overview
  8. Operational Monitoring and Log Management
  9. Application and Infrastructure Scaling
  10. Moving your data services to Azure PaaS (CosmosDB)
  11. Update and Deploy New Version of Application
  12. Upgrade an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster

Lab Guides - Day 2

These labs can be completed in no particular order. 1. CI/CD Automation 2. Kubernetes Ingress Controllers 3. Kubernetes InitContainers 4. Azure Service Broker 5. Persistent Storage 6. Azure Container Instances and ACI Connector 7. Kubernetes Stateful Sets (coming soon) 8. Secrets and ConfigMaps (coming soon) 9. Helm Charts deep dive (coming soon) 10. Troubleshooting and debugging (coming soon) 11. RBAC and Azure AD integration (coming soon)


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This software is covered under the MIT license. You can read the license here.

This software contains code from Heroku Buildpacks, which are also covered by the MIT license.

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