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A jQuery plugin to make your form controls look how you want them to. Now with HTML-5 attributes!

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(jQuery) Uniform

A jQuery plugin to make your form controls look how you want them to. Now with HTML-5 attributes!

Works well with jQuery 1.6+, but we've received patches and heard that this works with jQuery 1.3.

Version 4.3.x uses jQuery 3.3.1+ and so far, things look promising.

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Packaging of Uniform comes with source SASS files and minified CSS files, ready for consumption in live/production environment. You can install Uniform via one of two methods listed below:


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Simply run:

npm install --save @imanov/jquery.uniform

To create minified file, run (though this isn't necessary, as the minified file is already included in the package):

npm run build

Minified source file will be built inside


Via Public CDN

CDNJS jsDelivr Hits

Un-minified CSS files

For your own development purposes, to get human-readable, un-minified CSS outputs, you will need to install Uniform via NPM (as shown above), install the necessary dependencies through

npm install
and then run
. Doing so will recreate readable CSS files in
folder. Invoking
gulp --production
however, will recreate minified CSS files (which is default behavior, what we already have in the


There are two ways to go with this:

Basic Implementation

Basically, you can use the final assets provided in

folder out of the box.

Stylesheets and Javascript files should be linked in the

of your markup (the latter, coming after jQuery):

Or if you are using our bundled version -

file - which already comes with jQuery (beware not to include jQuery twice):

Advanced Implementation

To have more control over your web assets, you can directly work with our SCSS and JS files, by importing them into or bundling with your own assets. Please be advised that our Gulp configuration (via Laravel-Elixir package) includes Auto-prefixer, i.e. browser prefixes are automatically added to CSS during the post-processing of SCSS files. Whatever your post-processing solution will be (Gulp-based or Compass), you need to make sure to include Auto-prefixer in that workflow. Our SCSS source files do not include browser prefixes out of the box!


See our Wiki page for documentation.

Reporting Bugs

It sure would be handy if you could create a test page to help illustrate bugs. When you use the GitHub Issue Tracker, you could use this jsfiddle to help illustrate your point. Additionally, we have provided some demo pages in

folder for you to use.

Even if you don't use these assets, all sorts of feedback is welcome, but narrowing down your problem or providing an example would immediately help narrow down the problem quickly.

Contributor/Developer Assets

We have created a Docker container to help our contributors with development of Uniform.


folder contains following assets, to further enhance our capabilities:
  1. docker
    folder contains necessary
    to build the container.
  2. theme-kit
    contains assets to help you create new themes.
    script, which basically spins a Docker container up and builds the package, using that instance.

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