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Generate Heroku-like random names to use in your node applications.

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Generate Heroku-like random names to use in your node applications.


npm install --save haikunator


Haikunator is pretty simple.

var Haikunator = require('haikunator')
// ES6: import Haikunator from 'haikunator'

// Instantiate Haikunator without options // var haikunator = new Haikunator()

// Instantiate Haikunator with default options var haikunator = new Haikunator({ adjectives: ['custom', 'adjectives'], nouns: ['custom', 'nouns'], seed: 'custom-seed', defaults: { // class defaults tokenLength: 8, tokenChars: 'HAIKUNATOR', // ... } })

// default usage haikunator.haikunate() // => "wispy-dust-1337"

// custom length (default=4) haikunator.haikunate({tokenLength: 6}) // => "patient-king-887265"

// use hex instead of numbers haikunator.haikunate({tokenHex: true}) // => "purple-breeze-98e1"

// use custom chars instead of numbers/hex haikunator.haikunate({tokenChars: "HAIKUNATE"}) // => "summer-atom-IHEA"

// don't include a token haikunator.haikunate({tokenLength: 0}) // => "cold-wildflower"

// use a different delimiter haikunator.haikunate({delimiter: "."}) // => "restless.sea.7976"

// no token, space delimiter haikunator.haikunate({tokenLength: 0, delimiter: " "}) // => "delicate haze"

// no token, empty delimiter haikunator.haikunate({tokenLength: 0, delimiter: ""}) // => "billowingleaf"


The following options are available:

var Haikunator = require("haikunator")

var haikunator = new Haikunator({ adjectives: ['custom', 'adjectives'], nouns: ['custom', 'nouns'], seed: 'custom-seed', // Custom seed defaults: { // Class wide defaults, can get overridden by haikunate(options) delimiter: "-", tokenLength: 4, tokenHex: false, tokenChars: "0123456789", } })

// Same options are also available on the haikunate method haikunator.haikunate({ delimiter: "-", tokenLength: 4, tokenHex: false, tokenChars: "0123456789" })


is true, any tokens specified in
are ignored


Everyone is encouraged to help improve this project. Here are a few ways you can help:

Other Languages

Haikunator is also available in other languages. Check them out:

  • .NET: https://github.com/Atrox/haikunator.net
  • Python: https://github.com/Atrox/haikunatorpy
  • PHP: https://github.com/Atrox/haikunatorphp
  • Java: https://github.com/Atrox/haikunatorjava
  • Go: https://github.com/Atrox/haikunatorgo
  • Perl: https://github.com/Atrox/haikunatorperl
  • Dart: https://github.com/Atrox/haikunatordart
  • Ruby: https://github.com/usmanbashir/haikunator
  • Rust: https://github.com/nishanths/rust-haikunator

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