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Athlon1600 / php-proxy

A web proxy script written in PHP and built as an alternative to Glype.

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Proxy script built on PHP, Symfony and cURL. This library borrows ideas from Glype, Jenssegers proxy, and Guzzle.

PHP-Proxy Web Application

If you're looking for a project version of this script that functions as a Web Application similar to Glype, then visit php-proxy-app

See this php-proxy in action:


Install it using Composer:

composer require athlon1600/php-proxy



use Proxy\Http\Request; use Proxy\Proxy;

$request = Request::createFromGlobals();

$proxy = new Proxy();

$proxy->getEventDispatcher()->addListener('request.before_send', function($event){

$event['request']->headers->set('X-Forwarded-For', 'php-proxy');


$proxy->getEventDispatcher()->addListener('request.sent', function($event){

if($event['response']->getStatusCode() != 200){
    die("Bad status code!");


$proxy->getEventDispatcher()->addListener('request.complete', function($event){

$content = $event['response']->getContent();
$content .= '<!-- via php-proxy -->';



$response = $proxy->forward($request, "");

// send the response back to the client $response->send();

Plugin Example

namespace Proxy\Plugin;

use Proxy\Plugin\AbstractPlugin; use Proxy\Event\ProxyEvent;

use Proxy\Html;

class MultiSiteMatchPlugin extends AbstractPlugin {

// Matches multiple domain names (,, using regex (you MUST use / character)
protected $url_pattern = '/^abc\.(com|de|pl)$/is';
// Matches a single domain name
//protected $url_pattern = '';

public function onCompleted(ProxyEvent $event){

    $response = $event['response'];

    $html = $response-&gt;getContent();

    // do your stuff here...



Notice that you must use the / character for regexes on


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