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Mirror of Asqatasun ---> we've moved to GITLAB - Opensource web site analyser, used for web accessibility "a11y"

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Asqatasun is an opensource web site analyzer, used for web accessibility (a11y).



web accessibility assessment

(RGAA 4, AccessiWeb, WCAG)
  • scan a given page, and manually fulfill the audit to produce report
  • scan offline file (e.g. template being created but not online yet)
  • scan a user-workflow like site registration, form completion or e-commerce checkout with Asqatasun scenarios.

What tests are covered:

  • all the "tag and attributes tests" like missing alt, table headers check, frame title...
  • color contrast
  • language specification
  • downloadable files / office files (spreadsheet, word-processor...)
  • switch of context
  • ...


  1. Automate as much as we can and even more :)
  2. Be 200% reliable (don't give erroneous result)
  3. have technological fun

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We would be glad to have you on board! You can help in many ways:

  1. Use Asqatasun on your sites !
  2. Give us feedback on the forum
  3. Fill in bug report
  4. Contribute code



Have Fun

Happy testing !

Asqatasun Team

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