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Here we are going to make some python projects during Quarantine time

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Python-Quarantine-Projects - An Amazing trail of projects

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Projects Completed

1.Instagram Image Downloader --- Created by - Mitesh

2.Django Blog website --- Created by - Mahesh Sawant For Working and other details check - Django-Blog

3.High Qulity YouTube Video Downloader --Sairoyal

4.Making a security camera using laptop webcam and streaming it on local network using flask --- Almost Done by tushar-mehndiratta

5.GitHub Repo Automation

6.Telegram Bot Integration with Arduino UNO Using Serial

7.PDF Book Reader with Voice Using pyttsx3

8.To make a program which extract and detect the text from any image using python openCV

9.Voice Translator

10.Spell Checker --- Created by ---Yashagarwal

11.News Updater With Voice

12.Wallpaper Changer

13.Face Recognition Attendence System with AWS Rekognition & Raspberry Pi3

14.Face Recognition Door Lock with AWS Rekognition & Raspberry Pi3

15.Encryption system --- Created by ---Divakar

16.Work Setup Automation EXE

17.Face & Eyes Detection Using Open-CV + Haar-Cascade

18.Text To Speech

19.Speech To Text

20.Gesture Control Media Player

21.Python Weather Forecaster --- Created by --- Buabaj

22.Python Stock-Prediction --- Created by --- Buabaj

23.AI Tkinter Tic-Tac-Toe --- Created by --- Buabaj

24.AI turtle tic-tac-toe --- Created by --- Buabaj

25.Python lane-finder for Self Driving vehicles --- Created by --- Buabaj

26.Duplication Identifyer --- Created by ---Divakar

27.Twitter_Analysis --- Created by ---Divakar

28.Auto Backup Drive

29.File Compare

30.Twitter-Bot-Detection --- Created by ---AyanChawla

31.Making a security camera using laptop webcam and streaming it on local network using flask

32.Raspberry Pi Sonoff


34.simple PyQt5 Password generator by Thicc1

35.Color based detection and Object tracking using OpenCV --- Created by ---pyGuru

36.To-DO List App Using FLask ToDOList

Project In Progress :

Guys drop your project ideas here one by one we will start workig on it

1.Raspberry Pi Spy Bot

2.Making an AI that can Play GTA San Andreas Using Python --- Working On it --- NEED HELP IN THIS

3.ToDo List App using Android & Java --- Work in Progress

4.Typing Speed test using a GUI

5.Internet Speed Meter GUI

6.Telegram bot that can show movie ratings using python

7.Arduino + Raspberry pi based robot car

8.Raspberry Pi based video door bell using python

9.'Snake and Ladder' and 'Housii' game using python

Download the following software we will need during the project

  1. AnyDesk
  2. Git Bash
  3. Python
  4. VS Code
  5. Sublime # Join the Group to discuss

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