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DynamoDb GUI Client

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First, of all, I really appreciate the work of everyone who contributed to this project so far. This was really challenging and interesting project for me when I get my first job in programming. Unfortunately due to the lack of time and loss of personal interest on this, I will no longer contribute to this project. Thank you very much for supporting me and for every star given to this project. Also, I want to share with you the app that I just saw for database management directly from AWS development team, give it a try they did a good job NoSQL Workbench. Sincerely yours Arattian::LinkedIn

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Cross-platform GUI client for DynamoDb


Release v3.3.1

Download for MacOS (.dmg)

Download for MacOS (.zip)

Release v2.1.1 || Old UI

Download for Debian (.deb)

Download for Linux (.AppImage)


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git clone https://github.com/Arattian/DynamoDb-GUI-Client.git
cd DynamoDb-GUI-Client
npm i
# Electron serve
npm run electron:serve
# Vue Cli serve
npm start

Build Instructions

git clone https://github.com/Arattian/DynamoDb-GUI-Client.git
cd DynamoDb-GUI-Client
npm i
# Electron application build(This will build app for your OS)
npm run electron:build


  • [x] Remote Access of AWS DynamoDB Service*
  • [x] Local DynamoDB
  • [x] Supports multiple databases
  • View
    • Table view
    • [x] Records view
    • [x] Table schema view
  • Operation

    • Record
    • [x] Add Record
    • [x] Edit Record
    • [x] Delete Record
    • Table
    • [x] Add Table
    • [x] Edit Table
    • [x] Delete Table
    • Filter by attribute value
    • Filter by attribute name
  • For remote access, need to provide access and secret keys.All keys stored in localStorage.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Misak Poghosyan
Misak Poghosyan

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Gevorg A. Galstyan
Gevorg A. Galstyan

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