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Remote control Samsung televisions via a TCP/IP connection

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samsungctl is a library and a command line tool for remote controlling Samsung televisions via a TCP/IP connection. It currently supports both pre-2016 TVs as well most of the modern Tizen-OS TVs with Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • Python 3
  • websocket-client
    (optional, for 2016+ TVs)
  • curses
    (optional, for the interactive mode)


samsungctl can be installed using



# pip install samsungctl

Alternatively you can clone the Git repository and run:


# python install

It's possible to use the command line tool without installation:


$ python -m samsungctl

Command line usage

You can use

command to send keys to a TV:


$ samsungctl --host  [options]  [key ...]

is the hostname or IP address of the TV.
is a key code, e.g.
. See
Key codes

There is also an interactive mode (ncurses) for sending the key presses:


$ samsungctl --host  [options] --interactive


samsungctl --help
for more information about the command line arguments:


usage: samsungctl [-h] [--version] [-v] [-q] [-i] [--host HOST] [--port PORT]
                  [--method METHOD] [--name NAME] [--description DESC]
                  [--id ID] [--timeout TIMEOUT]
                  [key [key ...]]

Remote control Samsung televisions via TCP/IP connection

positional arguments: key keys to be sent (e.g. KEY_VOLDOWN)

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --version show program's version number and exit -v, --verbose increase output verbosity -q, --quiet suppress non-fatal output -i, --interactive interactive control --host HOST TV hostname or IP address --port PORT TV port number (TCP) --method METHOD Connection method (legacy or websocket) --name NAME remote control name --description DESC remote control description --id ID remote control id --timeout TIMEOUT socket timeout in seconds (0 = no timeout)

E.g. samsungctl --host --name myremote KEY_VOLDOWN

The settings can be loaded from a configuration file. The file is searched from

, and
in this order. A simple default configuration is bundled with the source as

Library usage

samsungctl can be imported as a Python 3 library:

.. code-block:: python

import samsungctl

A context managed remote controller object of class

can be constructed using the

.. code-block:: python

with samsungctl.Remote(config) as remote:
    # Use the remote object

The constructor takes a configuration dictionary as a parameter. All configuration items must be specified.

=========== ====== =========================================== Key Type Description =========== ====== =========================================== host string Hostname or IP address of the TV. port int TCP port number. (Default:

) method string Connection method (
) name string Name of the remote controller. description string Remote controller description. id string Additional remote controller ID. timeout int Timeout in seconds.
means no timeout. =========== ====== ===========================================


object is very simple and you only need the
method. The only parameter is a string naming the key to be sent (e.g.
). See
Key codes
_. You can call
multiple times using the same
object. The connection is automatically closed when exiting the

When something goes wrong you will receive an exception:

================= ======================================= Exception Description ================= ======================================= AccessDenied The TV does not allow you to send keys. ConnectionClosed The connection was closed. UnhandledResponse An unexpected response was received. socket.timeout The connection timed out. ================= =======================================

Example program

This simple program opens and closes the menu a few times.

.. code-block:: python

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import samsungctl import time

config = { "name": "samsungctl", "description": "PC", "id": "", "host": "", "port": 55000, "method": "legacy", "timeout": 0, }

with samsungctl.Remote(config) as remote: for i in range(10): remote.control("KEY_MENU") time.sleep(0.5)

Key codes

The list of accepted keys may vary depending on the TV model, but the following list has some common key codes and their descriptions.

================= ============ Key code Description ================= ============ KEYPOWEROFF Power off KEYUP Up KEYDOWN Down KEYLEFT Left KEYRIGHT Right KEYCHUP P Up KEYCHDOWN P Down KEYENTER Enter KEYRETURN Return KEYCHLIST Channel List KEYMENU Menu KEYSOURCE Source KEYGUIDE Guide KEYTOOLS Tools KEYINFO Info KEYRED A / Red KEYGREEN B / Green KEYYELLOW C / Yellow KEYBLUE D / Blue KEYPANNELCHDOWN 3D KEYVOLUP Volume Up KEYVOLDOWN Volume Down KEYMUTE Mute KEY0 0 KEY1 1 KEY2 2 KEY3 3 KEY4 4 KEY5 5 KEY6 6 KEY7 7 KEY8 8 KEY9 9 KEYDTV TV Source KEYHDMI HDMI Source KEYCONTENTS SmartHub ================= ============

Please note that some codes are different on the 2016+ TVs. For example,

on the newer TVs.


I did not reverse engineer the control protocol myself and samsungctl is not the only implementation. Here is the list of things that inspired samsungctl.


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