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Include btrfs snapshots at boot options. (Grub menu)

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This is a version 4.xx of grub-btrfs

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Improves Grub by adding "btrfs snapshots" to the Grub menu.

You can start your system on a "snapshot" from the Grub menu.
Supports manual snapshots, snapper, timeshift ...

Warning: booting on read-only snapshots can be tricky

If you choose to do it,

or even
must be on a separate subvolume.
Otherwise, make sure your snapshots are writeable.
See this ticket for more info.

This project includes its own solution.
Refer to the documentation.

What does grub-btrfs v4.xx do :

  • Automatically List snapshots existing on root partition (btrfs).
  • Automatically Detect if "/boot" is in separate partition.
  • Automatically Detect kernel, initramfs and intel/amd microcode in "/boot" directory on snapshots.
  • Automatically Create corresponding "menuentry" in
  • Automatically detect snapper and use snapper's snapshot description if available.
  • Automatically generate
    if you use the provided systemd service.

Installation :

Arch Linux

pacman -S grub-btrfs


  • Run
    make install
    or look into Makefile for instructions on where to put each file.

NOTE: Generate your Grub menu after installation for the changes to take effect.
On Arch Linux use

grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg


You have the possibility to modify many parameters in

See config file for more information.

Automatically update grub

If you would like Grub to automatically update when a snapshot is made or deleted: * Use

systemctl start/enable grub-btrfs.path
. *
automatically (re)generates
when a modification appears in
folder (by default). * If your snapshots aren't mounted in
, you must modify the watch folder using
systemctl edit grub-btrfs.path
* For example: Timeshift mount its snapshots in
    Use `systemctl edit grub-btrfs.path`.
    Then wrote:
    and finally save.
* You can view your change to `systemctl cat grub-btrfs.path`.
* To revert change use `systemctl revert grub-btrfs.path`.

by default,

command is used.
Might be
on some systems (Fedora ...).
variable in
file to reflect this.

Special thanks for assistance and contributions

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