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an interactive terminal based todo.txt file editor with an interface similar to mutt

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todotxt-machine is an interactive terminal based todo.txt file editor with an interface similar to mutt. It follows the todo.txt format and stores todo items in plain text.

In Action



  • View your todos in a list with helpful syntax highlighting
  • Archive completed todos
  • Define your own colorschemes
  • Tab completion of contexts and projects
  • Filter contexts and projects
  • Search for the todos you want with fuzzy matching
  • Sort in ascending or descending order, or keep things unsorted
  • Clickable UI elements


Python 2.7 or Python 3.4 on Linux or Mac OS X.

todotxt-machine 1.1.8 and earlier drew its user interface using only raw terminal escape sequences. While this was very educational it was difficult to extend with new features. Version 2 and up uses urwid to draw its interface and is much more easily extendable.


Using pip

pip install todotxt-machine


Download or clone this repo and run the
git clone
cd todotxt-machine

Command Line Options


Usage: todotxt-machine todotxt-machine TODOFILE [DONEFILE] todotxt-machine [--config FILE] todotxt-machine (-h | --help) todotxt-machine --version todotxt-machine --show-default-bindings

Options: -c FILE --config=FILE Path to your todotxt-machine configuraton file [default: ~/.todotxt-machinerc] -h --help Show this screen. --version Show version. --show-default-bindings Show default keybindings in config parser format Add this to your config file and edit to customize

Config File

You can tell todotxt-machine to use the same todo.txt file whenever it starts up by adding a

entry to the
file. If you want to archive completed tasks, you can specify a done.txt file using an
entry. You can also set you preferred colorscheme or even define new themes. Here is a short example:
file = ~/todo.txt
archive = ~/done.txt
auto-save = True
show-toolbar = False
show-filter-panel = False
enable-borders = False
enable-word-wrap = True
colorscheme = myawesometheme

Color Schemes

todotxt-machine currently supports solarized and base16 colors.


Pictured above are the following themes from left to right:

  • base16-light
  • base16-dark
  • solarized-light
  • solarized-dark

Here is a config file with a complete colorscheme definition:

file = ~/todo.txt
colorscheme = myawesometheme

[colorscheme-myawesometheme] plain=h250 selected=,h238 header=h250,h235 header_todo_count=h39,h235 header_todo_pending_count=h228,h235 header_todo_done_count=h156,h235 header_file=h48,h235 dialog_background=,h248 dialog_color=,h240 dialog_shadow=,h238 footer=h39,h235 search_match=h222,h235 completed=h59 context=h39 project=h214 creation_date=h135 due_date=h161 priority_a=h167 priority_b=h173 priority_c=h185 priority_d=h77 priority_e=h80 priority_f=h62

You can add colorschemes by adding sections with names that start with

. Then under the
section you can say which colorscheme you want to use.

The format for a color definitions is:


Foreground and background colors are follow the 256 color formats defined by urwid. Here is an excerpt from that link:

High colors may be specified by their index

, ...,
or with the shortcuts for the color cube
, ...,
or gray scale entries
(black from color cube) ,
, ...
(white from color cube).

You can see all the colors defined here.

I recommend you leave the foreground out of the following definitions by adding a comma immediately after the


If you want to use your terminal's default foreground and background color use blank strings and keep the comma:


Let me know if you make any good colorschemes and I'll add it to the default collection.

Key Bindings

You can customize any key binding by adding a setting to the

section of your config file

For a list of the default key bindings run:

todotxt-machine --show-default-bindings

You can easily append this to your config file by running:

todotxt-machine --show-default-bindings >> ~/.todotxt-machinerc

When you edit a key binding the in app help will reflect it. Hit

to view the help.

Known Issues


  • On Mac OS hitting
    suspends the application. Run
    stty dsusp undef
    to fix.
  • Mouse interaction doesn't seem to work properly in the Apple Terminal. I would recommend using iTerm2 or rxvt / xterm in XQuartz.


  • With tmux the background color in todotxt-machine can sometimes be lost at the end of a line. If this is happening to you set your

    variable to

    export TERM=screen-256color

Planned Features

  • ~~User defined color themes~~
  • ~~Manual reordering of todo items~~
  • ~~Config file for setting colors and todo.txt file location~~
  • ~~Support for archiving todos in done.txt~~
  • ~~Custom keybindings~~
  • Add vi readline keybindings. urwid doesn't support readline currently. The emacs style bindings currently available are emulated.


See the log here

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