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A command line tool for bulk-updating lerna package dependencies

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Lerna Update Wizard

Command line interface for simplifying the process of bulk updating dependencies across multiple Lerna or Yarn Workspace packages.


$ yarn add --dev lerna-update-wizard

Or via NPM:

$ npm install --save-dev lerna-update-wizard

If installed globally, it can be used independently on any project:

$ yarn global add lerna-update-wizard


Simply run the

command in the root of a Lerna-based project:
$ lernaupdate

Or from the outside by specifying the path to the project:

$ lernaupdate ~/projects/my-lerna-project

Or run it using npx

$ npx lerna-update-wizard


Update dependencies across packages

  1. Search for and select the dependency to upgrade
  2. Select the packages in which you wish to perform the upgrade
  3. Pick the desired version to be installed for the dependency

Update dependency

Add new dependencies across packages

  1. Enter the name of a dependency not already in your project
  2. Select the packages in which to add the dependency
  3. Pick the desired version to be installed for the dependency
  4. When prompted, specify dependency type for each package (normal/dev/peer)

Add packages

Deduplicate dependencies across packages

  1. Run the command with the
  2. Only dependencies installed with 2 or more differing versions will be presented
  3. Complete the flow like normal (described above)

Deduplicate packages

Add/Update multiple dependencies in one session

You can batch updates for multiple dependencies into one session. Choose

+ Add another
after you've specified the details for the first update task.

Add packages

Note: Currently not supported in


Auto-generate Git branch & commit

  1. After installation, choose whether or not you'd like to generate a Git branch for your changes
  2. Then choose whether or not you'd like to make a separate Git commit for your changes.

A nice commit message with details about the update version range for each affected package will be generated for you.


Non-interactive mode

The script can run without prompting you for input. Simply specify the

$ lernaupdate --non-interactive --dependency [email protected] ./my-project

The script will tell you if you need to specify any additional input flags based on the state of your mono repo.

For instance, you might need/wish to include information about which packages to affect and which type of installation to perform if the dependency is a first-time install:

$ lernaupdate --non-interactive \
              --dependency [email protected] \
              --packages packages/utils,packages/tools \
              --new-installs-mode dev \

Note: Git features are not available for


Yarn support

Lerna Update Wizard will automatically detect the package manager used for each package and use the appropriate one for installing the dependency.

Note: If the project root directory contains a

file, Yarn will be used to install all packages, in order to support Yarn Workspaces.


NPM install


Yarn install

Yarn Workspaces & lazy installation

When using Yarn Workspaces for your mono-repo, only a single installation is required in the top-level directory after changing a dependency in the package.json file for one or more sub-packages.

To achieve this single "lazy" install, which can significantly speed up the install duration, you can specify the


If not specified, you will be prompted with the option to enable it at runtime, whenever use of Yarn Workspaces is detected (unless in non-interactive mode).


Lerna Update Wizard takes Lerna's

config parameter into account if specified in lerna.json. This means that if you have your packages located in a directory other than
, this tool will still work, as long as their parent directory is specified.

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