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Angular 9 Universal repo with many features

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Repository with Angular CLI and Angular Universal

Translations: - Русский - English - Românesc

Resources: - public chat - - server-side rendering of the master - - client rendering master


  • [x] Angular 11
  • [x]
    document is not defined
    window is not defined
    - here
  • [x] Angular Material2 UI components - individual branch
  • [x] Primeng UI components - individual branch
  • [x] modules import depending on the platform (
  • [x] execution of queries to api on the server
  • [x] work with cookies on the server
  • [x] Uses ngx-meta for SEO (title, meta tags, and Open Graph tags for social sharing).
  • [x] uses ngx-translate to support internationalization (i18n)
  • [x] uses ORIGIN_URL - for absolute queries
  • [x] @angular/service-worker(
    ng add @angular/pwa --project universal-demo

How to start

  • yarn
    npm install
  • yarn start
    npm run start
    - for client rendering
  • yarn ssr
    npm run ssr
    - for server-side rendering
  • yarn build:universal
    npm run build:universal
    - for assembly in release
  • yarn server
    npm run server
    - to start the server
  • yarn build:prerender
    npm run build:prerender
    - to generate static by
  • for watch with ssr -
    npm run ssr:watch

How to use this repository in your project:

To transfer ssr to your repository, you need the following files: - .angular-cli.json - server.ts - prerender.ts - webpack.config.js - main.server.ts - main.browser.ts - shared/* - forStorage/* - environments/* - app.browser.module.ts - app.server.module.ts


Official example in English: Modules used for universal: - - web for .net core - - TransferHttpCacheModule for http request only server side and sync with TransferHttp for browser - - Express Engine to run the rendering in node, in our application is used. Please note that the current version is not lower than 5.0.0-beta.5 - - Hapi Engine is an alternative engine for rendering. In the example is not used, in principle in the connection scheme does not differ from express-engine - - the module search module for LazyLoading - the thing needed and used. Please note that the current version is not lower than 5.0.0-beta.5

Features (Important)

  • The module for TransferHttp uses
    import {TransferState} from '@angular/platform-browser';
    and it is necessary to implement the request rest api on the server and the absence of the second request a second time. See
    (delay 3c)
this.http.get('').subscribe(result => {
    this.result = result;
  • export const AppRoutes = RouterModule.forRoot(routes, { initialNavigation: 'enabled' });
    - so that there is no flashing of the page!
  • to work with cookies, it is written

    , which with DI allows you to give different implementations for the server and the browser. See
    for implementations. In
    there is
providers: [
        provide: REQUEST, useValue: (req)
        provide: RESPONSE, useValue: (res)

to work with REQUEST and RESPONSE via DI - this is necessary for implementing UniversalStorage when working with cookies.

  • webpack.config.js
    is written exclusively for building server.ts file in server.js, since angular-cli has bug to work with 3d dependencies. - To solve some problems, use the following code in
    Solving the problems of global variables, including
    document is not defined
    window is not defined
    const domino = require('domino');
    const fs = require('fs');
    const path = require('path');
    const template = fs.readFileSync(path.join(__dirname, '.', 'dist', 'index.html')).toString();
    const win = domino.createWindow(template);
    const files = fs.readdirSync(
    // const styleFiles = files.filter(file => file.startsWith('styles'));
    // const hashStyle = styleFiles[0].split('.')[1];
    // const style = fs.readFileSync(path.join(__dirname, '.', 'dist-server',

global['window'] = win; Object.defineProperty(, 'transform', { value: () => { return { enumerable: true, configurable: true }; }, }); global['document'] = win.document; global['CSS'] = null; // global['XMLHttpRequest'] = require('xmlhttprequest').XMLHttpRequest; global['Prism'] = null; ```

  global['navigator'] = req['headers']['user-agent'];

this allows you to remove some of the problems when working with


Migrate 5 to 6

  • ng update @angular/cli
  • preboot
    is not working now

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