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Android Five Stars Library is a small library that helps developer add a "Rate My App" dialog to the...

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Android Five Stars Library

Android Five Stars Library is a small library that helps developers add a "Rate My App" dialog to their applications.

It's called "Five Stars" because the dialog has a different behaviour based on the rating given by the user.

If the user gives 4 or 5 stars out of 5, the user is sent to the Google Play Store page to give an actual rating.

If the user gives 3 or less stars out of 5, the user is asked to send a bug report to the developer.

If "Force Mode" is activated, when the user selects 4/5 stars, he is immediately redirected to the Play Store, without asking for a confirm. :D




To use the library, first include it your project using Gradle

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url "" }

dependencies { compile 'com.github.Angtrim:Android-Five-Stars-Library:v3.1' }

How to use

To use this library just add this snippet in the

of your activity.


showAfter(int numbersOfAccess)
method tells the library after how many access the dialog has to be shown.


        FiveStarsDialog fiveStarsDialog = new FiveStarsDialog(this,"[email protected]");
        fiveStarsDialog.setRateText("Your custom text")
                .setTitle("Your custom title")
                .setUpperBound(2) // Market opened if a rating >= 2 is selected
                .setNegativeReviewListener(this) // OVERRIDE mail intent for negative review
                .setReviewListener(this) // Used to listen for reviews (if you want to track them )


The library is very simple, just note that : * When the user tap OK or NEVER the dialog will not show again * When the user tap NOT NOW the access counter will be reset and the dialog will be shown again after the selected times.

Used by

If you use my library, please tell me at angelo.gallarello [at] gmail [dot] com. So I can add your app here!


Do what you want with this library.

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