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h1. Tint Browser

This project is licensed under the "GPL v3": license.

To build it, it is needed to clone the "Tint Browser Addon Framework Library": project.

h1. Writting addons

See "TintBrowserSampleAddon": .

h1. How to translate Tint Browser in your language

Before starting a translation, you must agree that your work will be released under the same license as Tint Browser, e.g. "GPL version 3": Also do not forget that a software translation is not a one-shot work, and that new translations may be needed after your initial work.

Translations are done is a language-specific XML file. A single translation string look like this :

bq. <string name="Bookmarks">Bookmarks</string>

Where the part in the name parameter is the string key, which you must leave unchanged, and the part between ??<string …>?? and ??</string>?? the translated string.

h2. Translation steps

h3. Get the last reference language file


Then select “Save as...” in your browser, and save it where you want on your computer.

h3. Translate

Open the file you downloaded with a decent text editor (hint: Windows Notepad is NOT a decent text editor). Do not change the default encoding (UTF-8) and the default line breaks (Unix style).

Translate every required strings.

h3. Specials cases

h4. String-arrays

Do not translate anything within a ??<string-array>?? tag.

h4. Apostrophes

Apostrophes must be preceded by a “\” character.


bq. <string name="ContextMenuCopyLinkUrl">Copier l\'adresse du lien</string>

h4. Formatted strings

Some strings may contains dynamic values, filled at runtime by the application. The place where the dynamics values are inserted in the string are represented by a %s, %1$s %2$s, etc. You must include the original %s-type in your translation, at the appropriate place.


bq. <string name="SslWarningsHeader">There are problems with the security certificate for this site (%s).</string>

bq. <string name="HttpAuthenticationDialogDialogTitle">Sign in to %1$s - %2$s</string>

When there is several values to dynamically change in a single string, the %s part change to %1$s, %2$s, etc. You may change the order of the %s in your translation, if its make sense in you language, e.g. you can do something like:

bq. <string name="HttpAuthenticationDialog.DialogTitle">SomeText %2$s AnotherText %1$s</string>

h4. Misc.

  • Use … instead of writing three points (...);

h2. Submit your translation

Either send me an e-mail, with your modified file and the language you translated, or open an "issue": and post your file there.

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