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PDF Reader for iOS written in Swift

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Deprecated in favor of PDFKIT for iOS 11+ apps


Version License Platform Carthage compatible

PDF Reader for iOS written in Swift * Fast and lightweight * Thumbnail bar on the bottom to navigate to a specific page * Print button on the top right


  • iOS 8.0+
  • Swift 5.0



To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'PDFReader'

You will also need to make sure you're opting into using frameworks:


Then run

pod install
with CocoaPods 1.0 or newer.


To install it, simply add the following line to your Cartfile:

github "Alua-Kinzhebayeva/iOS-PDF-Reader"


carthage update
to build the framework and drag the built
into your Xcode project.


Import Framework

import PDFReader

Create a PDFDocument

From a file URL
let documentFileURL = Bundle.main.url(forResource: "Cupcakes", withExtension: "pdf")!
let document = PDFDocument(url: documentFileURL)!
From a remote URL
let remotePDFDocumentURLPath = ""
let remotePDFDocumentURL = URL(string: remotePDFDocumentURLPath)!
let document = PDFDocument(url: remotePDFDocumentURL)!
From Data
let document = PDFDocument(fileData: fileData, fileName: "Sample PDF")!

Display a PDFDocument

let readerController = PDFViewController.createNew(with: document)
navigationController?.pushViewController(readerController, animated: true)


Controller Title

PDFViewController.createNew(with: document, title: "Favorite Cupcakes")

Background Color

controller.backgroundColor = .white

Action Button Image and Action

Available Action Styles
/// Action button style
public enum ActionStyle {
    /// Brings up a print modal allowing user to print current PDF
    case print

/// Brings up an activity sheet to share or open PDF in another app
case activitySheet

/// Performs a custom action
case customAction((Void) -> ())


let actionButtonImage = UIImage(named: "cupcakeActionButtonImage")
PDFViewController.createNew(with: document, title: "Favorite Cupcakes", actionButtonImage: actionButtonImage, actionStyle: .activitySheet)

Override the default backbutton

/// Create a button to override the default behavior of the backbutton.  In the below example we create a cancel button which will call our myCancelFunc method on tap.
let myBackButton = UIBarButtonItem(title: "Cancel", style: .done, target: self, action:  #selector(self.myCancelFunc(_:)))
/// Provide your button to createNew using the backButton parameter.  The PDFViewController will then use your button instead of the default backbutton.
PDFViewController.createNew(with: document, title: "Favorite Cupcakes", backButton: myBackButton)

Do not load the thumbnails in the controller

let controller = PDFViewController.createNew(with: document, isThumbnailsEnabled: false)

Change scroll direction of the pages from left to right to top to bottom

controller.scrollDirection = .vertical


Inspired by PDF Reader and Apple's example on TiledScrollView

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