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My Study Notes for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2019

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AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate 2019 Exam Notes


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This is my collection of notes from the A Cloud Guru | AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate - 2018 course. It can be used also for the Udemy | AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2019 one, since they use the same contents made by the A cloud Guru team.



- Update 4 April 2019 -

  • just updated the CSA course.
  • From a quick look it seems they put all the Exam Tips they collected in previous months within the relative sections of the course and now Lambda has its own section, is not anymore within the EC2 one.

- Update 17 April 2019 -


What it is

The A cloud Guru course is huge and in order to explain to you the basic concepts, it has sometimes to give you pieces of information that are not required to be known in order to pass the exam. So my intent here is to save in one place everything the exam requires you to know without the other stuff.

What it is not

This is not a substitution of the course, you MUST go through the course to be able to pass the exam, it's just a place where you can revise and have all the notions in one single location.

My study path

  • Watched one chapter at the time and revised the noted for stuff I could not remember.
  • Did the final exam and based on wrong answers, went back to the notes to revise the concepts not known.
  • Purchased the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams by Jon Bonso but personally found not very helpful and sometimes misleading. Some questions are very different from the exam and sometimes wrong questions can be actually true.
  • One week before the exam:
    • Took the Exam Readiness Training, this is a good recap and a must do IMHO, it's 2 hours long, free and it gives you also good pieces of information about how to think and not be tricked by the exam. You can find the md's in the root of the repo
    • If you have never taken an AWS exam I suggest to take a Practice Exam, this will help you familiarize and see how the course will look like. This costs 20$
    • Use the Disussions and check all posts about exam feedbacks. Study everything is mentioned there that you are not comfortable with.
    • Do as many tests as you can and revise what you don't know.

AWS Resources

Meaning of some emphasis used in the .md files

Italics: Is used for personal notes or addictions to the course, like tips or useful notes about the subject.

Contributions 🙏

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If something is missing instead, have a look at the ToDo list and check if that missing part has been already spotted. If not, feel free to PR it or add a new checkbox on the issue.

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