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Easy to use mobile Diary application built with flutter

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📓 Dear Diary

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A diary application to pen down your thoughts


A diary app that connects to a REST API I built a while ago for managing personal diary entries.

See REST API project here

🚀 Technology Stack

  • Dart
  • Flutter

💡 Possible learnings

What I learnt (and you can learn) by building this project include but not limited to the following: - Simple approach to using provider (w/ ChangeNotifier) for managing app state - Working with REST APIs using dio package - Using get_it to access service objects - Custom Route transition (using PageRouteBuilder) - Simple Animations (example can be found in - view entry options menu) - Creating a Dialog service to prompt dialog outside a widget - Using IndexedStack to hold BottomNavigationBar Current View state

📸 Screenshots

| | | | :----------------------------------: | :----------------------------------: | | Onboarding slide 1 | Onboarding slide 2 | | Create Account | Log In | | Add/Edit entry | Add entry success dialog | | Entries List | Profile screen | | View entry w/ options | Delete entry |

📖 Things To do

There is still room for improvement - [ ] Add tests (Yeah, I know :wink:) - [ ] Theming - Declare styles in a way that it's easy to change - [ ] Handle network status - [ ] Add reminder for daily reflections - [ ] Add offline persistence - Refractor as needed


  • Show some :heart: and :star: the repo to encourage more useful OS projects


The sole purpose of this project is to facilate learning, PRs and all forms of contribution are very much welcome! Consider running REST API project locally during development.

Code of Conduct

Be nice and constructive :relaxed:. Don't be a jerk to others! :triangularflagon_post:


Ogundiran Al-Ameen
Ogundiran Al-Ameen

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Under MIT license but don't forget to reference :).

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