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Software architect roadmap

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Software architect roadmap

In general software architect is like the architect in real-life. Hes's responsible for making high-level design decisions.

Objective :triangularflagon_post:

The objective of this document is giving an overview about the skills required by software engineers to level up and become a software architect. Still there's no ideal skills required to be gained, but this is just a roadmap to be followed to highlight the main skills to be gained.

There's no standard roadmap or specific methodology to follow to become an architect. Being a good architect is getting achieved by applying and implementing more than reading.

Below is a broadway roadmap that you can follow to start being a software architect.


Let's define the 3 categories of software architects

Solutions architect [very detailed architect]

Solution architect is mainly the one responsible for translating requirements into code. Sometimes we can call him the "project development team lead" for a specific project. He's responsible for the following: - Guiding the development team through the implementation process in every technical details. - Making sure that the developed solution meets the designed architecture. - Making sure that the developed solution meets the functional requirements. - Participate in choosing the right design patterns for solving problems.

Solution architect would be guided by the "Enterprise architect".

Application architect

Application architect is the one responsible for the following: - Choosing the technologies that will be used to implement the application. He'll be - Making sure that the team is meeting the standard of the technology used. - Responsible for choosing and cooperate in developing packages/frameworks that will be used by the team. - Reliability and scalability of the application. - Maintaining/refining the development life cycle of the application.

Sometimes they choose one of the development team to be the application architect.

Enterprise architect [highly abstracted architect]

Enterprise architect is the very highly abstracted architect responsible for the following: - Designing the high level organizational development process. - Designing UML that will be used by application/solution architects. - Should be engaged more with the business mission of the company and the IT strategy. - Raising the skills of the development team and maintaining their knowledge.

Contribution :muscle:

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