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npm npm vue-cli3 apollo-2

:rocket: Start building a Vue app with Apollo and GraphQL in 2 minutes!

This is a vue-cli 3.x plugin to add Apollo and GraphQL in your Vue project.

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:star: Features

  • Automatically integrate vue-apollo into your Vue app
  • Embed Apollo client config (upgradable and customizable)
  • Included optional Graphql Server (upgradable and customizable):
    • Dead simple GraphQL API sources generated into your project (with import/export support)
    • Upgradable service running apollo-server
    • Websocket subscriptions support
    • Optional automatic mocking
    • Apollo Engine support
    • GraphQL playground integrated in the CLI UI
    • Configuration screen in the CLI UI
    • Server-Side Rendering with @akryum/vue-cli-plugin-ssr
  • Included optional example component with:
    • Watched query
    • Mutation
    • Realtime subscription using Websockets
    • Fully working image gallery with image upload
  • GraphQL validation using ESLint

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