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Automatic recompilation of mix code on file change.

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Recompiles mix project on any lib file change/addition.

Intended for development use only.


Add remix to deps:

defp deps do
  [{:remix, "~> 0.0.1", only: :dev}]

Add add

as a development only OTP app.
def application do
  [applications: applications(Mix.env)]

defp applications(:dev), do: applications(:all) ++ [:remix] defp applications(_all), do: [:logger]

with escript compilation (in config.exs) and silent mode (won't output to iex each time it compiles):

config :remix,
  escript: true,
  silent: true
If these vars are not set, it will default to verbose (silent: false) and no escript compilation (escript: false).


Save or create a new file in the lib directory. Thats it!


Co-authored by the Agilion team during a Brown Bag Beers learning session as an exploration into Elixir, OTP, and recursion.


Remix source code is released under the Apache 2 License. Check LICENSE file for more information.

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