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With a given country and phone number, validate and reformat the mobile phone number to the E.164 standard. The purpose of this is to allow us to send SMS to mobile phones only.

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What is phone?

is used to normalize mobile phone numbers into E.164 format.

A common problem is that users normally input phone numbers in this way:

`(817) 569-8900` or
`817569-8900` or
`1(817) 569-8900` or
`+1(817) 569-8900` or ...

We always want:



npm install phone


yarn add phone


Try it on CodeSandbox


const phone = require('phone');

phone('+852 6569-8900'); // return ['+85265698900', 'HKG'] phone('+1(817) 569-8900', ''); // return ['+18175698900', 'USA'] phone('(817) 569-8900', 'USA'); // return ['+18175698900', 'USA'] phone('(817) 569-8900', 'HKG'); // return [] phone('+1(817) 569-8900', 'HKG'); // return [], as it is not a valid HKG mobile phone number phone('6123-6123', 'HKG'); // return ['+85261236123', 'HKG']

Without country code and no phone prefix

If both country code and country phone prefix are not provided, will treat as USA or Canada by default

phone('(817) 569-8900'); // return ['+18175698900, 'USA']
phone('(817) 569-8900', ''); // return ['+18175698900, 'USA']
phone('(817) 569-8900', ''); // return ['+18175698900', 'USA']
phone('780-569-8900', ''); // return ['+17805698900, 'CAN'], 780 is a Canada phone prefix
phone('6123-6123', ''); // return [], as default country is USA / CAN and it does not match any result

Even you input a valid phone number with a valid prefix, if there is no plus sign, it will not work as expected:

phone('85291234567', '')

is a valid Hong Kong phone prefix, and
is a valid Hong Kong mobile phone number. However, there is no plus sign provided, the module will assume the phone number is a USA or Canada phone number, hence no result will be found.

If you know you have provided country phone prefix, make sure you also provide a plus sign:

phone('+85291234567', '')

// return [ '+85291234567', 'HKG' ]

or, if you know the country, and only want to reformat the phone number to E.164 format:

phone('91234567', 'HKG')

// return [ '+85291234567', 'HKG' ]

Skipping phone number initial digit checking

If you want to skip phone number initial digit checking, set

to true:
phone('+(852) 2356-4902', '', true);

And the initial digit checking will be disabled completely, even you enter a phone number start with a non-exist digit:

phone('+(852) 0356-4902', '', true); // return [ '+85203564902', 'HKG' ], even the phone number start with `0` is not a valid landline phone number


const phone = require('phone');

phone(phone: String, [country: string, allowLandline: Boolean]): Array



Type Required Description
phone String Yes The phone number text you want to process
country String No Provided country code in iso-3166 alpha 2 or 3 format
allowLandLine Boolean No Set to true if you want to skip phone number initial digit checking


The return would always be an Array

Array index

Type Description
0 String Normalized phone number in E.164 format
1 String Detected phone number country code in iso-3166 alpha 3 format

If the phone number cannot be reformatted due to any reason (e.g. unable to match any country), the result would be an empty array.

The function response is in Array format for some historical reason and expected to be updated to a proper object response in the next major version bump. (Will not change on version 2.x)


yarn test


yarn build

Old browsers & browser support

We currently transpile script to work on target environments for which the browser's global usage is >1%, and Node.js 6.10+.

You can check browser usage statistics on the browserlist.

You may need polyfills for some older browsers; for more details, please read the



  1. Does

    do any logical validation?

    Yes. If you provide the 2nd parameter (country), and the phone number does not start with


    will validate
  2. Why is

    returning null for a valid phone number?

    By default, the function will validate a mobile phone number only, to validate a landline phone number, please set 3rd parameter

    to true.

    If you find the result is still incorrect, please submit a ticket to improve our validation rules.

  3. How does


    Mobile phone number detection is achieved by comparing the beginning digits of a phone number to a list of possible mobile prefixes for a country. In some countries, some or all of these prefixes are the same for both mobile phones and landlines; when

    is set to
    you should not assume that all possible landline phone numbers will be reliably filtered out.


We've tried to make sure that this package works for as many cases as possible, if you notice that we have an incorrect rule for a country or other case, please open an issue to let us know.

For creating new pull requests regarding add or modify phone number formats, please include the reference information such as PDFs, websites, etc. Thank you very much.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

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