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NotesTeX (or its nickname NoTeX) is a simple LaTeX notes taking package for students.

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NotesTeX v3.0 was slightly delayed and will be here by the end of October, 2020. v3.0 will include expanded language support, a redesign of mathematical environments (e.g., theorems, definitions, and examples), removal of deprecated features, and support on additional latex engines, such as, but not limited to, xetex. This major overhaul will be pushed out to CTAN by the end of October after beta testing and feedback.


An All-In-One LaTeX Notes Package For Students.
NotesTeX is a modification of the original Jhep journal
format in order to suit the needs of students in university.

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28/04/2018 1. Changed the geometry package conditions to be more flexible. 2. Devoted a subsection to alternative language integration in NotesTeX.pdf, specifically Persian. 3. Discussed an issue with the




Formatting | Table of Contents | |:---:|:---:| | Preview | Preview |

| Margin Notes |

Integration | |:---:|:---:| | Preview | Preview |

| Image Integration | New

Formatting | |:---:|:---:| | Preview | Preview |


Installing just requires the following steps:

  1. Download the zip archive.
  2. Build the NotesTeX.tex file. This compile should work without a problem, and it should look like the pdf attached below.
  3. Move the NotesTeX.sty file where ever you need it, and let your new notes file call to it as provided in the example below.


Here is an example of a test page:

\usepackage{/Path/to/package/NotesTeX} %/Path/to/package should be replaced with package location

\title{{\Huge Test Page Title}\{\Large{Test Page Subtitle}}} \author{Author Name\footnote{\href{}{\textit{Author Website}}}}

\affiliation{Affiliation of Author} \emailAdd{Email of Author} \begin{document} \maketitle \flushbottom \newpage \pagestyle{fancynotes} \part{Test Part 1} \lipsum[1] \section{Subtest Section 1} Some notes here.\sn{With some additional sidenotes} \end{document}

For right to left flowing languages, please add the following package and Persian font just before you start the document.

\settextfont{XB Niloofar}
\setlatintextfont{Times New Roman}

\begin{document} ...

| Persian Integration | |:---:| | Preview |


All the documentation of this package is given in NotesTeX.pdf and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.


This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License.

Version and Contact

NotesTeX v2.1.
Created by Aditya Dhumuntarao.
Date: 28 April, 2018.
E-mail comments and suggestions to [email protected]

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