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:seedling: NodeJS RESTful API Microservice Starter

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NodeJS RESTful API Microservice Starter v1.2.0

This repository contains a full configuration that runs NodeJS RESTful API Microservice Starter.

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Build for local development

You have to use the following command to start a development server:

npm run dev


for more details.

Build for staging and production environments

Use following command to build project:

npm run build

Use following command to start project on staging and production environments:

npm start


for more details.


Following tests libraries are used for unit/integration tests: * MochaJS * SinonJS * ChaiJS

Tests are kept next to source with following pattern *.spec.js

Use following command to run tests:

npm test

Use following command to run tests coverage:

npm run coverage

Docker container

There is available Docker container and Docker Composer if you would like to run many NodeJS Microservices.

Build API Microservice by using following command:

npm run build

Then use following command to build Docker containers:

docker-compose up -d --build


for more details.

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