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Live version

A live demo is available at You may also be interested in enrolling in the associated Coursera course.

The materials for our calculus two course are available at

Installation For OSX and Linux*


First you must install gcc. You can get it for free here.

Next, install MySQL server; I recommend choosing the


RVM And Bundler

Now you need to install rvm. This can be done by copy and pasting the following command into your terminal:

\curl -L | bash -s stable --ruby

Hopefully, the installation was successful. If it wasn't, I recommend the "google the error message" strategy. You must now put the line

source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm

at the end of the (hidden) file

. Open a new terminal and check that you are using a new version of ruby by running

ruby --version

You should see 1.9.3 in the output somewhere. If you see 1.8.7 or similar, something went wrong and I will again punt to the troubleshooting strategy outlined above.

Now we will install bundler. This can be done by running

gem install bundler

Geting Rails Up And Running

Go into the mooculus repo and run

bundle install

After doing this, we need some preliminary steps:

cp config/database.yml.template config/database.yml

bundle exec rake db:migrate

bundle exec rake exercise:all

Then, check that everything works with

bundle exec rails server

and navigate to

in your browser!


If you add more exercises, for them to be loaded, you must run

bundle exec rake exercise:all

* Linux users should be able to follow these instructions after insuring that

ruby, ruby-dev, libxml2-dev, libxslt-dev
are installed

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