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energypy is a framework for running reinforcement learning experiments on energy environments.

energypy is built and maintained by Adam Green - [email protected].


$ git clone

$ pip install --ignore-installed -r requirements.txt

$ python install

Running experiments

energy-py has a high level API to run a specific run of an experiment from a

config file:
$ energypy-experiment energypy/examples/example_config.yaml battery

An example config file (

    name: example

battery: &defaults total_steps: 10000

    env_id: battery
    dataset: example

    agent_id: random

Results (log files for each episode & experiment summaries) are placed into a folder in the users

. The progress of an experiment can be watched with TensorBoard by running a server looking at this results folder:
$ tensorboard --logdir='~/energy-py-results'

Low level API

energypy provides the familiar gym style low-level API for agent and environment initialization and interactions:

import energypy

env = energypy.make_env(env_id='battery')

agent = energypy.make_agent( agent_id='dqn', env=env, total_steps=10000 )

observation = env.reset()

while not done: action = agent.act(observation) next_observation, reward, done, info = env.step(action) training_info = agent.learn() observation = next_observation


energy-py environments follow the design of OpenAI

. energy-py also wraps some classic
environments such as CartPole, Pendulum and MountainCar.

energy-py currently implements:

  • naive agents
  • DQN agent
  • Battery storage environment
  • Demand side flexibility environment
  • Wrappers around the OpenAI gym CartPole, Pendulum and MountainCar environments

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