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A simple method for face alignment based on wingloss and mutitask learning :)

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A simple face aligment method, based on tensorflow2.0


This is the tensorflow2.0 branch, if u need to work on tf1 switch to branch tf1, it still work.

It is simple and flexible, trained with wingloss , multi task learning, also with data augmentation based on headpose and face attributes(eyes state and mouth state).

CN blog

And i suggest that you could try with another project,including face detect and keypoints, and some optimizations were made, u can check it there [pappapigface_engine].

Contact me if u have problem about it. [email protected] :)

demo pictures:



this gif is from github.com/610265158/PeppaPigFace_Engine, but it is the same model : )

pretrained model:

shufflenetv2_1.0 tflite is not ok, retrain is needed, sad, i need more time.
shufflenetv2_0.75 including tflite model, (time cost: mac [email protected], tf2.0 5ms+, tflite 3.7ms+-)


  • tensorflow2.0

  • tensorpack (for data provider)

  • opencv

  • python 3.6



  1. download all the 300W data set including the 300VW(parse as images, and make the label the same formate as 300W)

    ├── 300VW
    │   ├── 001_annot
    │   ├── 002_annot
    │       ....
    ├── 300W
    │   ├── 01_Indoor
    │   └── 02_Outdoor
    ├── AFW
    │   └── afw
    ├── HELEN
    │   ├── testset
    │   └── trainset
    ├── IBUG
    │   └── ibug
    ├── LFPW
    │   ├── testset
    │   └── trainset
  2. run

    python make_json.py
    produce train.json and val.json (if u like train u own data, please read the json produced , it is quite simple)
  3. then, run:

    python train.py
  4. by default it trained with shufflenetv2_1.0


  1. download the pretrained model keypoints, put it into ./model and the model dir structure is :
    └── keypoints
        ├── saved_model.pb
        └── variables
            ├── variables.data-00000-of-00002
            ├── variables.data-00001-of-00002
            └── variables.index

  1. set config.MODEL.pretrainedmodel='./model/keypoints/variables/variables', in trainconfig.py

  2. adjust the lr policy

  3. python train.py

convert to tflite

  1. modify the model path in toos/converttotflite.py

  2. python  toos/convert_to_tflite.py
    it will produce converted_model.tflite
  3. CAUTION: the pretrained model shufflenentv2_1.0 is not ok with tflite, because the shuffle op, but it was fixed, if u need 1.0 please retrain, or wait for me.


python vis.py --model ./model/keypoints  
or python vis.py --model ./model/keypoints.tflite  (need conver to tflite first) 


  • [x] A face detector is needed.




  • [x] tflite model

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