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Automated pentest framework for offensive security experts

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Sn1per Community Edition is an automated scanner that can be used during a penetration test to enumerate and scan for vulnerabilities. Sn1per Professional is Xero Security's premium reporting addon for Professional Penetration Testers, Bug Bounty Researchers and Corporate Security teams to manage large environments and pentest scopes. For more information regarding Sn1per Professional, go to

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  • [x] Automatically collects basic recon (ie. whois, ping, DNS, etc.)
  • [x] Automatically launches Google hacking queries against a target domain
  • [x] Automatically enumerates open ports via NMap port scanning
  • [x] Automatically exploit common vulnerabilities
  • [x] Automatically brute forces sub-domains, gathers DNS info and checks for zone transfers
  • [x] Automatically checks for sub-domain hijacking
  • [x] Automatically runs targeted NMap scripts against open ports
  • [x] Automatically runs targeted Metasploit scan and exploit modules
  • [x] Automatically scans all web applications for common vulnerabilities
  • [x] Automatically brute forces ALL open services
  • [x] Automatically test for anonymous FTP access
  • [x] Automatically runs WPScan, Arachni and Nikto for all web services
  • [x] Automatically enumerates NFS shares
  • [x] Automatically test for anonymous LDAP access
  • [x] Automatically enumerate SSL/TLS ciphers, protocols and vulnerabilities
  • [x] Automatically enumerate SNMP community strings, services and users
  • [x] Automatically list SMB users and shares, check for NULL sessions and exploit MS08-067
  • [x] Automatically tests for open X11 servers
  • [x] Performs high level enumeration of multiple hosts and subnets
  • [x] Automatically integrates with Metasploit Pro, MSFConsole and Zenmap for reporting
  • [x] Automatically gathers screenshots of all web sites
  • [x] Create individual workspaces to store all scan output

Help Topics

  • [x] Github API integration (
  • [x] Burpsuite Professional 2.x integration (
  • [x] OWASP ZAP integration (
  • [x] Shodan API integration (
  • [x] Censys API integration (
  • [x] API integration (
  • [x] Metasploit integration (
  • [x] Nessus integration (
  • [x] OpenVAS API integration (
  • [x] Scheduled scans (
  • [x] Sc0pe Templates (
  • [x] Slack API integration (
  • [x] Sn1per Configuration Options (
  • [x] Sn1per Configuration Templates (
  • [x] Plugins & Tools (




From a new Docker console, run the following commands. ``` Download docker build -t sn1per . docker run -it sn1per /bin/bash


docker pull xerosecurity/sn1per docker run -it xerosecurity/sn1per /bin/bash ```


sniper -t 

[*] NORMAL MODE + OSINT + RECON sniper -t -o -re

[*] STEALTH MODE + OSINT + RECON sniper -t -m stealth -o -re

[*] DISCOVER MODE sniper -t -m discover -w

[*] SCAN ONLY SPECIFIC PORT sniper -t -m port -p

[*] FULLPORTONLY SCAN MODE sniper -t -fp

[*] WEB MODE - PORT 80 + 443 ONLY! sniper -t -m web

[*] HTTP WEB PORT MODE sniper -t -m webporthttp -p

[*] HTTPS WEB PORT MODE sniper -t -m webporthttps -p

[*] HTTP WEBSCAN MODE sniper -t -m webscan

[*] ENABLE BRUTEFORCE sniper -t -b

[*] AIRSTRIKE MODE sniper -f targets.txt -m airstrike


[*] MASS PORT SCAN MODE sniper -f targets.txt -m massportscan

[*] MASS WEB SCAN MODE sniper -f targets.txt -m massweb

[*] MASS WEBSCAN SCAN MODE sniper -f targets.txt -m masswebscan

[*] MASS VULN SCAN MODE sniper -f targets.txt -m massvulnscan

[*] PORT SCAN MODE sniper -t -m port -p

[*] LIST WORKSPACES sniper --list

[*] DELETE WORKSPACE sniper -w -d

[*] DELETE HOST FROM WORKSPACE sniper -w -t -dh

[*] GET SNIPER SCAN STATUS sniper --status

[*] LOOT REIMPORT FUNCTION sniper -w --reimport

[*] LOOT REIMPORTALL FUNCTION sniper -w --reimportall

[*] LOOT REIMPORT FUNCTION sniper -w --reload

[*] LOOT EXPORT FUNCTION sniper -w --export

[*] SCHEDULED SCANS sniper -w -s daily|weekly|monthly

[*] USE A CUSTOM CONFIG sniper -c /path/to/sniper.conf -t -w

[*] UPDATE SNIPER sniper -u|--update


  • NORMAL: Performs basic scan of targets and open ports using both active and passive checks for optimal performance.
  • STEALTH: Quickly enumerate single targets using mostly non-intrusive scans to avoid WAF/IPS blocking.
  • FLYOVER: Fast multi-threaded high level scans of multiple targets (useful for collecting high level data on many hosts quickly).
  • AIRSTRIKE: Quickly enumerates open ports/services on multiple hosts and performs basic fingerprinting. To use, specify the full location of the file which contains all hosts, IPs that need to be scanned and run ./sn1per /full/path/to/targets.txt airstrike to begin scanning.
  • NUKE: Launch full audit of multiple hosts specified in text file of choice. Usage example: ./sniper /pentest/loot/targets.txt nuke.
  • DISCOVER: Parses all hosts on a subnet/CIDR (ie. and initiates a sniper scan against each host. Useful for internal network scans.
  • PORT: Scans a specific port for vulnerabilities. Reporting is not currently available in this mode.
  • FULLPORTONLY: Performs a full detailed port scan and saves results to XML.
  • MASSPORTSCAN: Runs a "fullportonly" scan on mutiple targets specified via the "-f" switch.
  • WEB: Adds full automatic web application scans to the results (port 80/tcp & 443/tcp only). Ideal for web applications but may increase scan time significantly.
  • MASSWEB: Runs "web" mode scans on multiple targets specified via the "-f" switch.
  • WEBPORTHTTP: Launches a full HTTP web application scan against a specific host and port.
  • WEBPORTHTTPS: Launches a full HTTPS web application scan against a specific host and port.
  • WEBSCAN: Launches a full HTTP & HTTPS web application scan against via Burpsuite and Arachni.
  • MASSWEBSCAN: Runs "webscan" mode scans of multiple targets specified via the "-f" switch.
  • VULNSCAN: Launches a OpenVAS vulnerability scan.
  • MASSVULNSCAN: Launches a "vulnscan" mode scans on multiple targets specified via the "-f" switch.



This software is free to distribute and use with the condition that credit is provided to the creator (@xer0dayz @XeroSecurity), is not renamed and is not for commercial use or resold and rebranded. Permission to distribute any part of the code for sale is strictly prohibited.


You may not rent or lease, distribute, modify, sell or transfer the software to a third party. Sn1per Community is free for distribution, and modification with the condition that credit is provided to the creator and not used for commercial use. You may not use software for illegal or nefarious purposes. No liability for consequential damages to the maximum extent permitted by all applicable laws. In no event shall XeroSecurity or any person be liable for any consequential, reliance, incidental, special, direct or indirect damages whatsoever (including without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, personal injury, or any other loss) arising out of or in connection with the use or inability to use this product, even if XeroSecurity has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


The software code and logos are owned by XeroSecurity and protected by United States copyright and/or patent laws of international treaty provisions. All rights reserved.

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