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📝 An interesting markdown note taking application

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📝 Crossnote 交叉笔记 (beta)

You can still check the deprecated alpha version here.

Attention: Breaking updates coming soon. Please check this GitHub issue for more information.

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Crossnote is probably the world's first markdown notes reader & editor Progressive Web Application that works offline and supports syncing with arbitrary git repository right inside your browser.

We also offer an extension for VSCode (Still under development): 0xGG/vscode-crossnote | VSCode Marketplace

Let's open the Welcome Notebook in crossnote for more information! (Just click the

button once the webpage is open to add this notebook)

让我们在交叉笔记中打开 欢迎笔记本 以查看更详尽的介绍!(在网页打开后点击



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Please check this documentation.

Crossnote V3

Crossnote V3 is currently under development on the

branch of this repository.
Please note that V3 is far from complete.
The Crossnote V3 website is currently hosted on GitHub Pages:



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