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Generate image plots of processes' memory usage very quickly, within a single binary.

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A small utility written in golang to quickly plot memory usage of processes.

constantly samples memory usage of a process, for a given amount of time and then outputs an image file. Painless and straightforward. Supported image extensions are: .eps, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .png, .svg, .tex, .tif and .tiff


Binaries for Linux and MacOS are available in the releases page

go get -u -v


Usage of memplot:
Arguments following options will be interpreted as the command to spawn and sample
  -dur duration
        total profiling time. a value of 0 means that the program
        will be sampled until it is no longer running
  -height string
        plot image height (can be cm or in) (default "12cm")
  -o string
        output image file name. supported extensions are:
        .eps, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .png, .svg, .tex, .tif and .tiff
        (default "output-plot.png")
  -pid int
        pid of the process to analyze (default -1)
  -sd duration
        sample size in time (default 5ms)
        plot virtual size
  -width string
        plot image width (can be cm or in) (default "16cm")

Example Plot

memplot -pid 25273 -width 8in -height 8in -dur 60s -sd 50ms -o plot.png


memplot -width 8in -height 8in -dur 60s -sd 50ms -o plot.png firefox


  • [ ] Plot other useful values
  • [ ] Colors
  • [ ] Option to change the font
  • [ ] Memory autoscaling
  • [X] Spawn child processes to sample

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