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Blazefox exploits for Windows 10 RS5 64-bit.

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Blazefox exploits for Windows 10 RS5 64-bit

This the repository associated with the article Introduction to SpiderMonkey exploitation.


is an exploitation challenge written by itszn for Blaze CTF 2018. The author added a
method to JavaScript Arrays that sets the size of the backing buffer to 420. This gives the attacker an out-of-bounds memory primitive.



  • Three exploits are documented and available in exploits,
  • A WindDbg JavaScript extension that allows to dump
    objects in sm,
  • Various scripts built during the research in scripts,
  • An x64 debug build of the JavaScript shell (along private symbol information) in js-asserts, and an x64 release build in js-release,
  • The sources matching js-release private symbol information in src/js,
  • Last but not least, 7z archives of the Firefox binaries (along with
    private symbol information) I compiled for Windows 64-bit in ff-bin.7z.

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